Management and governance

CCC adheres to the guidelines and regulations concerning the management and governance of Crown corporations set by the Treasury Board Secretariat of the Government of Canada. CCC reports to Parliament through the Minister of International Trade and is subject to audits by the Auditor General.

CCC's mandate is spelled out in the Canadian Commercial Act. Under the Financial Administration Act, CCC is required to submit an annual Corporate Plan, which sets CCC's performance measures and objectives.  It must also submit an Annual Report to measure performance against these objectives, and report on an operating budget.

Board of directors

CCC is governed by a Board of Directors whose representatives come primarily from the private sector. The Board's responsibility is to supervise the direction and management of CCC and oversee its strategic direction as outlined in the Corporate Plan. Board members are appointed by the Government of Canada, and report to Parliament through the Minister of International Trade.

Stephen Sorocky

Stephen J. Sorocky

SkyTrac Systems Ltd.

Mr. Stephen Sorocky is CEO of Skytrac Systems Ltd., an avionics and data services company. He served previously as President & CEO and Board Director of LxData Inc., Virtek Vision International Inc. [TSE:VRK] and Dynacon Inc. He was Vice-President and General Manager, Space Robotics Division, Spar Aerospace Ltd., Vice-President, Manufacturing Industry Division of Electronic Data Systems, and founded Exigent Innovations Inc., a technology company development consultancy. Mr. Sorocky is an accomplished senior technology executive with broad experience in venture capital backed and public company environments. He has extensive senior management and business development experience in the technology and aerospace industry. He is a member of the Board of SkyTrac Systems and the Ontario Telemedicine Network. Mr. Sorocky was appointed to the Board of Directors of CCC on December 14, 2007 and reappointed May 2015.

Daniela Bassan

Daniela Bassan

Partner and Trade-Mark Agent
Stewart McKelvey, Barristers & Solicitors

Ms. Daniela Bassan is a litigation partner and trade-mark agent (Canada) at Stewart McKelvey, Barristers & Solicitors, a full-service law firm with offices throughout Atlantic Canada. Ms. Bassan works with clients in a variety of business disputes, including intellectual property disputes, cross-border proceedings, construction claims, and technology-based actions. She is also certified as a legal project manager. Prior to joining Stewart McKelvey, Ms. Bassan worked as a litigation associate at a large firm in Toronto, ON, where she practiced corporate commercial litigation at trial and appellate levels. During her training, she was a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada and research assistant at both Osgoode Hall Law School and Harvard Law School. During her career, she has been invited to sit on legal advisory boards for organizations in Canada and the United States, as well as participating in law reform initiatives in Canada and Europe. Ms. Bassan was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on December 17, 2013.

Martin Gagné

Martin Gagné

Martin Gagne Consulting Inc.

Mr. Martin Gagné is a senior consultant for Strategy and Business Development in the field of Defence. Mr Gagné has 17 years at CAE, a global leader in modelling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defence. At CAE, he has occupied various roles such as: Vice-President of Visual Systems, where he led the development of a new visual system based on Commercial “Off the Shelf” technology; Vice-President of Military Marketing and Sales, where he led a comprehensive strategic plan for growth which included a new business pursuit model; and Executive Vice-President of Civil Simulation and Training, where he was responsible for the business development, strategic planning, sales and marketing functions for the civil business segment of CAE. In 2009, Mr. Gagné was promoted to Group President for Military Simulation and Training, with full responsibility for profit and loss of CAE’s worldwide military division, retiring from that role in 2012. Prior to joining CAE, he was a Major in the Canadian Armed Forces, serving as a senior aerospace engineering officer and in the CF-18 weapon software engineering unit. Mr. Gagné serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) and is a member of the Advisory Panel to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Materiel, of the Department of National Defence. Mr. Gagné was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on February 7, 2013.

Dwayne Lucas

Dwayne Lucas

Lucas Aero Strategies Inc.

Mr. Dwayne Lucas, P.Eng, OMM, CD2, BGen (ret), was the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Cascade Aerospace, a specialty aerospace and defence contractor focused on providing long-term integrated aircraft support programs for original equipment manufacturers, military, government and commercial customers. Mr. Lucas joined Cascade in 2006 as the Vice-President and General Manager of the Engineering and Products Group and was promoted to Senior Vice-President, Government and Military Programs and Strategic Business Development in 2009. Mr. Lucas was instrumental in the development of Cascade’s military, government and business development programs, recently leading the winning bid for the C130 Hercules Avionics Program and the Mexican Air Force C130 Hercules aircraft upgrade program contributing to Cascade’s long-term growth and profitability. Prior to joining Cascade, Mr. Lucas was a Brigadier General in the Canadian Armed Forces, serving a distinguished 36-year career in various roles, such as the Director General, Aerospace Equipment Program Management, where he led and implemented the new optimized weapon system support program, which is now one of the foundational initiatives for the government’s in-service support acquisition programs. Mr. Lucas was integrally involved in the preparation of the Aerospace Review led by the Honourable David Emerson. He also led the inaugural 2013 Aerospace Defence and Security Exposition. Mr. Lucas has been highly involved in international sport and was Vice-President, Americas, for the International Military Sports Council and led the Sport and Peace initiative. Currently, he leads Lucas Aero Strategies Inc., a specialty consulting group focusing on aerospace development, planning and innovation. He is a board member (Director) for the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame and the executive lead for research and development for the AIAC Pacific. Mr. Lucas was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on June 14, 2013.

Scott Player

Scott Player

Mr. Scott Player, now retired, is a former financial executive with Chief Financial Officer experience from 1997-2006, prior to which he acted in an international capacity as a European based Managing Director within the Molson Group. His corporate career spanned over 30 years with major international organizations, including Enbridge from 1999 to 2007, and previously with Unilever in the United States, The Molson Companies Limited, the Canadian arm of British based Rio Tinto Zinc, and the Bank of Montreal. He is a Certified Director (McMaster), with diverse Board experience of over 20 years, including both profit and not-for-profit organizations, representing multiple industries, as well as domestic and international geographies. Mr. Player was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on February 7, 2013

Claude Robillard

Managing Director, Investor Relations
West Face Capital

Mr. Claude Robillard is the Managing Director of Investor Relations at West Face Capital, a leading Canadian-based alternative asset manager, where he engages with sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowments, funds of funds, and family offices in domestic and international markets. Prior to joining West Face Capital, Mr. Robillard was with CIBC World Markets where he oversaw CIBC’s Capital Introduction Group, and contributed to the bank’s cross-asset capabilities while managing key relationships. Prior to joining CIBC, he was a Managing Director of Artemis Investment Management, a multi-strategy alternative asset manager. In 2007, he co-founded a European-based real estate investment group focused on development and infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe. Formerly, Mr. Robillard was a founding partner of an asset management company launched in New York that subsequently expanded to Hong Kong and Toronto, and previously held senior roles within HSBC Securities, RBC Royal Bank, and CIBC World Markets, with a focus on alternative asset classes, equity structured products, equity finance and commodity products. He is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on alternative asset classes, and is co-chairman of the Sales Practices Committee at the Alternative Investment Management Association (Canada) and a member of McGill University’s Expert Panel in Investment Management. Mr. Robillard was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on June 13, 2014.

Derrick Rowe

Derrick Rowe

Chairman and CEO
Name 3 Capital Inc.

Mr. Derrick Rowe is Chairman and CEO of Name 3 Capital Inc., a private investment firm he owns. He also serves as Executive Chairman of Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc., an award-winning e-learning company and training and simulation provider to the defence sector. Mr. Rowe serves on the boards of directors for the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) and Tennis Canada. Mr. Rowe was named Chairman of FPI Limited in 2001 and served as CEO from 2002-2005. He served as Chairman and CEO of Stratos Global Corporation until 1999, building the company from its startup to a successful public corporation. Mr. Rowe has also served on a number of economic and social organizations, including the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) and various International Trade Advisory Committees for the Government of Canada. In the business community, Mr. Rowe has been honoured with significant recognition for his leadership, including Canada’s original “Top 40 Under 40” by the Globe and Mail’s Report of Business Magazine, “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young, and a Newfoundland and Labrador Export Award. Mr. Rowe was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on December 7, 2012.

Andrew Saxton

Andrew Saxton

King George Financial Corporation

Mr. Andrew Saxton has served as Executive Vice-President and Director of Laurentide Financial Corporation Ltd., President of Elite Insurance Company, Chairman of Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd., Director of BC Television Broadcasting System Ltd., President of the Granville Island Hotel and Marina Ltd. and Chairman of King George Development Corporation. It is notable that he was a founding member of all these companies. His extensive private sector experience and business accomplishments have led to several appointments to the boards of federal and provincial Crown corporations and agencies including the Canadian Forces Liaison Council and the Insurance Corporation of BC, where he was a Director and Chairman of the Investment Committee. Mr. Saxton was most recently appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on December 14, 2007 and re-appointed December 14, 2010.

Nicole Verkindt

Nicole Verkindt

Director and President

Ms. Nicole Verkindt is President of OMX (, an international software platform for government contractors to manage offset commitments in the defence, aerospace and security industries, a company she founded in 2011. The company also tracks and reports on economic impacts from government procurements through its data analytics business. Prior to OMX, Ms. Verkindt held several positions at a Canadian defence SME: GMA Corp., including Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Business Development, and as President and CEO responsible for all operations, sales and finance of the company. Ms. Verkindt was the Founder and President of Tiburon, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a manufacturing business that serviced the US Department of Defense. She has also worked as a project manager for Big Media Group of Overpelt, Belgium, where she met with public and private sector leaders to produce economic reports for numerous international media agencies, and advised on attracting foreign direct investment through PR campaigns. Ms. Verkindt is the Founder of the Southern Ontario Defence Association and an active member of the CADSI SME & Industrial Participation committees, Global Offset and Countertrade Association, the Canadian Space Commerce Association and the Ontario Aerospace Council. She is also on the Advisory Board for the Munk School of Foreign Affairs MGA Program. Ms. Verkindt was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on December 17, 2013.

Martin Zablocki 2014

Martin Zablocki

President and CEO
Canadian Commercial Corporation

Mr. Martin Zablocki joined CCC in November 2007 as Vice-President, Strategy and Organizational Development, was appointed CFO and Vice-President, Risk and Finance in January 2010, and was appointed COO and Executive Vice-President in June 2011. Mr. Zablocki was appointed as President and CEO in April 2014. Prior to joining CCC, he was the Director General, Sector Strategies and Infrastructure Programs Branch at Industry Canada. Mr. Zablocki has over 20 years of experience within a variety of federal organizations including the Canada Revenue Agency and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and has led programs and corporate management regimes at the local, regional and national levels. In addition, as a Chartered Business Valuator, he has many years of experience working in the valuation field, wherein he gained exposure to a broad spectrum of domestic and international businesses.

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Board committees

CCC's Board of Directors is led by an independent Chair and conducts its oversight functions in concert with key Board committees as follows:

Audit Committee

Deals primarily with matters related to sound financial and risk management practices, audit functions, reporting accuracy, and ethical conduct of the Corporation.


  • Scott Player (Chair)
  • Andrew Saxton
  • Nicole Verkindt
  • Claude Robillard
  • Stephen Sorocky*

Governance and Human Resources Committee

Develops and implements practices and procedures to ensure that the Board of Directors and the Corporation operate effectively and in accordance with a high standard of corporate governance.


  • Stephen Sorocky (Chair)
  • Andrew Saxton
  • Dwayne Lucas
  • ex-officio: Martin Zablocki

Operations Committee

Oversees management's development of new commercial business initiatives, particularly all capital projects and those potential contracts valued in excess of $100 million.


  • Martin Gagné (Chair)
  • Derrick Rowe
  • Daniela Bassan
  • ex officio: Martin Zablocki 
  • Stephen Sorocky*

*The Interim Chair’s attendance is not mandatory at these committee meetings

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Senior management committee

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, the Executive Management Team plans and executes the business strategy as outlined in the Corporate Plan.

Martin Zablocki 2014

Martin Zablocki

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Martin Zablocki was appointed as President and CEO in April 2014.  Prior to this appointment, Mr. Zablocki held various senior-level executive positions within the Corporation, including Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vice-President, Risk and Finance and Chief Financial Officer, and Vice-President, Strategy and Organizational Development.  Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Zablocki has amassed a wealth of leadership experience, which includes more than 25 years with the Government of Canada, leading regional and national operations within the Canada Revenue Agency, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Industry Canada. Mr. Zablocki is a Chartered Business Valuator, Certified Management Accountant, and Chartered Professional Accountant.  He proudly serves on a variety of volunteer boards and committees.

Tamara Parschin-Rybkin

Tamara Parschin-Rybkin

Vice-President Legal Services, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Ms. Tamara Parschin-Rybkin was appointed Vice-President, Legal Services, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary in September 2006. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Parschin-Rybkin was a Senior Counsel with the Department of Justice, where her numerous responsibilities included being lead counsel for CCC for the last 10 years and prior to that for the Department of Transport during the commercialization of the Canadian civil air navigation system to Nav Canada, General Counsel to the Internal Trade Negotiating Team at Industry Canada and at Natural Resources Canada, lead counsel on the Hibernia Development Project and on the negotiations of the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Accords.

Ernie Briard

Vice-President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

On January 7th, 2016, Ernie Briard joined the Canadian Commercial Corporation as Vice-President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) where he is responsible for developing and implementing corporate policies, strategies, initiatives, and new technologies. Mr. Briard brings with him a wealth of management experience and achievements, having led financial teams in both the private and public sectors. Most recently, Mr. Briard led the Standards Council of Canada as the Vice-President, Corporate Services and CFO, where he was responsible for financial management, human resources, investment planning and business analytics, information management and information technology, corporate administration and contracting, translation and travel. Prior to that, Mr. Briard had a successful career with Nortel and as an independent consultant.

Carl Marcotte

Vice-President, Operations & Head of Defence Sector

Carl Marcotte joined CCC in 2017 as Vice-President, Business Diversification. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Marcotte held various other senior-level executive positions within the nuclear industry, including Senior Vice-President Marketing & Business Development at SNC Lavalin Nuclear and Vice-President, Commercial Ventures & Business Development at AECL and Canadian Nuclear Labs where Mr. Marcotte provided strategic and operational leadership on all aspects of SNC’s nuclear business growth and AECL/CNL’s transformation from Crown Corporation to private enterprise. In addition, Mr. Marcotte has previously held the positions of Vice-President and Sector Head for numerous industry sectors as well as Vice-President, Small Business Development at Export Development Canada over a career that spanned more than twenty years in international trade, risk management and structured finance.

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Enterprise risk management

As it works in a variety of sectors in markets around the world, CCC has implemented a robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) policy to understand, manage and communicate risk from an organization-wide perspective. Involving employees from all levels of the Corporation and embedded in day-to-day operations, ERM ensures a risk culture fully aligned with CCC’s strategic objectives.

Management uses CCC’s ERM process to:

  • Identify business risks faced on a day-to-day and strategic basis  
  • Consistently analyze risks for likelihood of occurrence and potential impact 
  • Establish formal systems to minimize and monitor risk 
  • Communicating risks throughout the Corporation 
  • Develop risk profiles at key levels 
  • Report changes to CCC’s risk portfolio to the Board of Directors
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Corporate Policies

Pricing Policy

CCC Fees generated by CCC’s participation in transactions is the key funding source for the Corporation to continue to participate in projects outside of the Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA) program. The CCC Pricing Policy provides direction to staff on the pricing of CCC’s services.

Purchasing Policy

As a Federal Crown Corporation, CCC operates at arm’s length from the Canadian government and in accordance with commercial principles. In support of our mandate CCC is required to purchase goods and services to meet corporate requirements.

As outlined in the Purchasing Policy, enacted in 2005 and updated in October 2015, CCC will purchase goods and services in a manner that is professional, efficient, effective, and economical and in accordance with applicable legislation and trade agreements. This Policy applies to all staff of the Corporation as it pertains to the administrative purchases of goods and services for the benefit of CCC and/or its employees and supersedes any prior policy.

Travel, Hospitality, Conference, and Event Expenditures Policy

As of August 15, 2016, the rules and principles governing travel and hospitality expenses at CCC are consistent with Treasury Board guidelines, including the Directive on Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures. The purpose of these directives is to provide for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred during travel on government business. The rules and principles outlined in the CCC Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures Policy provide for the application of these directives.

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CCC's auditor is the Auditor General of Canada. The Auditor General performs special examinations and annual financial audits.

A special examination is a performance audit of a federal Crown corporation conducted by the Auditor General of Canada at least once every 10 years. The examinations provide an independent audit opinion to the Board of Directors and the appropriate Minister and Parliament on the management of CCC.

In particular, the Auditor General examines whether CCC's financial, management and information systems and practices provide reasonable assurance that CCC's assets are safeguarded and controlled; whether financial, human and physical resources are managed economically and efficiently; and whether operations are carried out effectively. The last Special Examination was conducted in 2009.

Internal Audit

CCC's Internal Audit group conducts audits based on an audit plan which is approved by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. After each audit, a report is issued which includes CCC's opinion on the related internal controls, a summary of each finding and recommendations.

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