What CCC’s Code for Exporters means for Canadian businesses

Learn about CCC's new Code for Exporters and how it will impact Canadian businesses who work with us.


How to Become a CCC Cleantech Exporter to Grow Sales

Learn how how to grow your sales by becoming a Cleantech exporter with CCC to sell your products and services abroad.


Four ways to validate sales opportunities with government buyers

Learn how Canadian businesses can validate whether a government project or sales opportunity is likely to move forward.


FCT Program: How to Introduce Canadian Innovation to U.S. DoD

Learn about the U.S. Department of Defense’s Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) program and how it impacts Canadian businesses.


What can free trade agreements do for your business abroad?

Learn some facts about free trade agreements that are key for Canadian exporters.


DPSA, DFARS: Agreements for U.S. Military to Buy from Canada

Learn how Canadian firms enjoy a unique relationship with the U.S. DoD market that allows them to compete on equal footing with American firms.


Heading image for Clean Growth Hub blog

Clean Growth Hub Facts for Canadian Businesses

Learn how CCC supports Canadian cleantech businesses by supporting them in their pursuit of contracts with foreign governments


Aerospace Commitment to Net-Zero an Opportunity for Innovation

Learn about opportunities for Canadian businesses in the aerospace industry due to a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions for 2050.


Blog header of how five ways G2G contracting can de-rsik foreign government contracts

Five ways G2G contracting can de-risk foreign government contracts

Learn about the government to government contracting process and how it can help to de-risk foreign governments contracts.


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