Canadian Commercial Corporation releases 2018-19 Annual Report: Growing Canadian Export Business

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is pleased to release its 2018-19 Annual Report, Growing Canadian Export Business. This report outlines how CCC is supporting government priorities by helping Canada deliver on its trade diversification agenda though government-to-government contracts, ultimately increasing exports and creating jobs for Canada.

Last year was a pivotal year for CCC, highlighted by the development and implementation of a new corporate strategy that was focused on diversifying CCC’s business, doing more for SMEs and enhancing the Corporation’s approach to risk management and responsible business conduct. The new strategy has reinvigorated the Corporation, enabling CCC to deliver even greater value for Canadian exporters and Canada going forward.

In 2018-19, CCC grew its exporter base and supported an estimated 14,250 Canadian jobs while delivering $3.4 billion worth of contracts to diverse markets. In addition, CCC continued to fulfill its mandated and unique public policy role by administering the Canada-U.S. Defence Production Sharing Agreement on behalf of the Government of Canada.

Looking ahead, CCC is continuing to explore ways to optimize the use of government-to-government contracting for Canadian exporters. In fact, the Corporation’s direction for 2019-20 is focused on three strategic objectives:

  • Grow through Diversification: A new strategic plan was developed and implemented, targeting greater sectoral and transactional diversity. This includes strengthening CCC’s role in specific sectors.
  • Create Market Opportunities: CCC seeks to increase the number of exporters it serves both by growing the base of Canadian companies that export and by helping current exporters sell more products and services to foreign governments through CCC’s unique government-to-government contracts.
  • Remain a Trusted Partner in International Trade: Canadian exporters have the best chance of succeeding internationally when they have a coordinated network of knowledgeable experts and advisors supporting them. This is increasingly important as international contracts become ever more complex, requiring proficiency in risk management and responsible business practices – areas of expertise for CCC.

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