CCC selects W.R. Davis Engineering Limited as winner of 2016 Contracting Excellence Award – Expands International Representation

Today, the Canadian Commercial Corporation awarded W.R. Davis Engineering Limited its Contracting Excellence Award for 2016.

As part of CCC’s continued support, recognition and promotion of Canadian industry, CCC’s annual excellence in contracting award aims to recognize CCC exporters for their excellence in export contracting to the United States and abroad.

Over the past year, W. R. Davis has signed over $34 million of contracts under the Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA). The most recent contract awarded in 2016 was to provide anti-missile defence systems for aircraft.

The award was presented by CCC President and CEO, Martin Zablocki, at the Canada Pavilion (booth #1021) as part of CANSEC 2017.

Growing Support for Canadian Exporters abroad

The Contracting Excellence Award is just one way CCC supports Canadian exporters internationally. This year, CCC expanded its network of foreign representation to three target market regions: South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Co-located in Canadian Embassies and High Commissions abroad, these representative locations are operated by business development executives who play an important role in a Whole-of-Government approach to trade with foreign governments.

CCC representatives are located in: Lima, Peru; Bangkok, Thailand; and Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Countries in Africa and the Caribbean and Central American region are served directly from Ottawa.

Quick facts

  • CCC is Canada’s international government-to-government contracting organization, which helps Canadian exporters access foreign government procurement markets.  The terms and conditions of CCC’s contracts are backed by the Government of Canada, which helps mitigate both exporter and buyer risks and provides added incentive to procure from Canada.
  • The award is based on activity and results from FY 2016-17.  Companies are assessed by a committee which considers:
    • The value of contracts signed or executed during the year compared to the size of Canadian exporter;
    • The Canadian capability or solution sold to the buyer;
    • The nature of feedback received from the foreign buyer and CCC’s internal assessment of the exporter relationship.
  • Last year, CCC was active in 90 countries around the world, working with 129 Canadian companies, to sign export contracts worth over $1.6 billion.
  • W.R. Davis Engineering Limited is a high technology defense company established in 1975 in Ottawa, Canada. They provide Infra-red (IR) signature management products and services for rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft, combining computer IR simulations with real-world IR measurements and testing to design and fabricate engine exhaust IR signature suppression devices.


“I am very pleased to announce CCC has selected W.R. Davis Engineering Limited as the winner of our 2016 Contracting Excellence Award. This is just one of the ways that CCC supports, recognizes and promotes Canadian industry internationally. We look forward to continuing to work with W.R. Davis Engineering Limited as they provide the U.S. with this key Canadian Capability.”

– Martin Zablocki, President and CEO, Canadian Commercial Corporation

“We are thrilled to be this year’s recipient of CCC’s Contracting Excellence Award. As an SME, working with CCC has many benefits including navigating selling to the U.S. Department of Defense, and bringing the support of the Government of Canada to the transaction. It is excellent to celebrate the business we have already done with the U.S. DoD, but more importantly we expect sales to continue into the near future.”

– Tom Davis, Vice-President, W. R. Davis Engineering Limited


For more information the media may contact
CCC Communications
[email protected]

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