Corporate Social Responsibility at the Heart of Canadian Industry Abroad


Magellan Aerospace Corporation and its subcontractor HPI-SWES have generously donated medical and surgical equipment to the Volta River Authority (VRA) Hospital to assist with quality healthcare delivery in the Volta River region of Ghana.

According to Mr. John Bayley, Vice-President of Magellan Aerospace, the donation was a way to further support the well-being of the people of Ghana, saying "There is no better way to contribute to the welfare of our new found friends than improving their health."

Orenda Aerospace Corporation, a division of Magellan Aerospace Corporation, is nearing completion of a 132-megawatt power generation plant in Ghana, and is under contract for a second. The Canadian Commercial Corporation is the prime contractor for the projects. CCC is proud to be working alongside this Ontario-based company to deliver increased energy capacity to Ghana and to support the exciting growth and development in this dynamic African market.

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