Responsible Business Conduct

Through CCC’s Responsible Business Conduct Framework, CCC is committed to operating in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner. As the Corporation does business around the world on behalf of both the Government of Canada and Canada’s exporters, it’s critical that CCC carefully considers all the implications of its business activities—both at home and abroad.

Accountability and Disclosure

CCC’s mandate is focused on supporting Canadian exporters in their international business development. CCC officials often travel to trade shows, conferences and meetings, both in Canada and internationally as part of working with Canadian exporters. To provide visibility into these expenditures, expenses related to travel and hospitality are posted quarterly on this website. 

Please view these reports in the Disclosure section of the website.

As a federal Crown Corporation, CCC seeks to be open in sharing strategic plans and reporting out on the results of operations. To provide visibility into CCC’s strategic focus as an organization, please view CCC’s Corporate Plan and Annual Report for the current year in the Corporate reports section of the website.

In compliance with CCC’s obligations as a Crown corporation, each year an Annual Public Meeting is hosted via webcast that is open to the public and offers an opportunity to hear directly from the CEO and Board of Directors about the year’s activities and results. This is an excellent forum to ask questions and receive responses. Please view a recording of CCC’s Annual Public Meeting in the Annual public meeting section of the website.

Business ethics

Our employees annually sign the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, and ensure that CCC represents Canada and its export community proudly and ethically.

CCC is subject to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, which stipulates that bribing other countries’ government employees is a criminal activity. All of CCC’s contracts with Canadian suppliers include a clause specifically forbidding such acts. Should a Canadian supplier be found bribing a government official while under a CCC contract, the Corporation reserves the right to impose various sanctions.


Through the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), the Government of Canada is committed to supporting sustainable development by assessing the environmental impact of all decisions, operations, projects and activities. Though CCC is not specifically subject to the CEAA, the Corporation has adopted the spirit and intent of the Act, and CCC will not support projects that will cause significant adverse environmental effects.

In June of 2010, CCC’s Board of Directors formalized its environmental review process by adopting a CCC Environmental Assessment Policy. The policy mirrors the requirements of the CEAA, and provides guidelines for obtaining and reviewing environmental assessments based on CEAA standards—including the CEAA’s Projects Outside Canada Environmental Assessment Regulations.

When CCC projects are funded through export credit agencies or international organizations such as the World Bank, the Corporation reviews the environmental assessments completed for these institutions to assure that the project will not significantly impact the environment.

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