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We help governments around the world source and acquire customized Canadian solutions through G2G contracts.

Whether your government is planning to deliver a large capital project or a small equipment upgrade, CCC can help support your acquisition from Canada. Our government to government (G2G) contracting approach can help senior procurement decision-makers and contracting authorities across a wide range of sectors, including:

Ministries responsible for major public infrastructure for whom the urgency of the acquisition, the risk of a failed tender or the risk of bribery and corruption are sufficient enough to make the case for an alternative approach to tendering the project competitively.

Ministries responsible for national security or defence for whom competitive tendering is not feasible for urgent or national security reasons, and are willing to exercise the national security exception to competitive tendering.

State-owned enterprises and sub-national governmental entities that are looking to scale up or transform the delivery of public services and require expertise and technology unavailable in their domestic supply base. 

We help deliver projects of national importance.  If you’re looking to do business with a Canadian company — we can help.  

Our services for government buyers

A fee-based service where we collaborate with foreign governments to fulfill public sector needs. As part of the program, we 

  • Source qualified Canadian suppliers,
  • Develop and negotiate a G2G contract,
  • Attract financing when required,
  • Oversee contract performance and financial administration, 
  • Provide a Government of Canada guarantee that the project will be delivered on time, on budget and as specified.

A free service supported by DFARS 225.870 to simplify acquisitions from Canada. As part of the program, we

  • Review and endorse proposals by Canadian suppliers,
  • Certify that the pricing is fair and reasonable,
  • Handle financial administration for contracts, 
  • Ensure the contract is delivered according to the terms and conditions.

The use of this program is mandatory for any procurement from Canada over USD$250,000.

How we help government buyers

Deliver priority projects 

Acting as prime contractor, CCC provides easy access to Canadian solutions, products and services — making it possible for foreign government buyers to select their preferred Canadian exporter for the platform, technology or expertise they require.

Meet urgent deadlines

A competitive procurement process or the risk of failed tender, can introduce unacceptable delays to high-value projects or compromise national security, CCC accelerates the contracting process through a government to government approach, ensuring urgent acquisition needs are met and projects are delivered on time.

Minimize political and business risk

Our experience structuring and managing complex international contracts ensures you have a partner who can help resolve any contracting issues, and can shield you from potential unethical business practices such as bribery and corruption.

Reduce procurement risk

With CCC as prime contractor, government buyers have the assurance of the Government of Canada that contracts will be performed as negotiated, guaranteed. 

Every Canadian company we work with has been evaluated technically, financially and managerially to ensure its ability to deliver on your project. And by taking on all performance oversight and financial administration of the contract, we reduces the risk of bribery, corruption and other unethical practices that often hinder procurement effectiveness.

Our achievements for 2022-2023


In exports through CCC


In new G2G contracts

Some of our government customers


Lottery system – Government of Honduras 

The Government of Honduras chose a G2G contract with CCC to purchase national lottery systems that fund the countries’ social programs, including maternal and child health, and educational and social programs.


Smart Water Meters – Barbados Water Authority

The Barbados Water Authority chose a G2G contract with CCC for a $42 million project to help modernize the country’s water and sanitation institutions and improve efficiency in water operations.

International Airport – City of Quito, Ecuador

The City of Quito, Ecuador chose G2G with CCC for a US$415 million project to development an award-winning airport under a Public-Private Partnership model, significantly improving both the safety and economic performance of the airport.

Flag of United States of America (USA)

Aircraft – U.S. Department of Defence 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security chose a G2G contract with CCC to purchase seven Dash 8 Maritime patrol aircraft through our U.S. DoD Prime Contractor program for maritime surveillance and drug interdiction.


Potash – Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corp.

The Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation has consistently chosen G2G contracts with CCC for the supply of potash for the country’s agricultural sector – contributing to food security for the country.

St Kitts

Maritime Pier – St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority 

The government of St. Kitts & Nevis chose a G2G contract with CCC to build a second pier at Port Zante to meet the new demands of mega cruise ships – expanding the nation’s tourism market potential.

Public Security– Government of Panama

The Ministry of Security, Panama chose a G2G contract with CCC to purchase a system for computer-assisted emergency services dispatch, real-time officer location, and instant data transfer to identify licence plates, faces and other information.

Santo Domingo

Water Sanitation – Water Authority for Greater Santo Domingo

The Aquaduct and Sewer Corporation of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic chose a G2G contract with CCC to rehabilitate the Guajimia storm and sanitary water sanitation system – benefitting residents with new housing and the expansion of potable water and sewage networks.

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