Is CCC Right for You?

We help Canadian exporters gain access to foreign procurement markets through a government to government contracting approach. Your company may be the right fit for this approach if you:
  • Are targeting a foreign government buyer for future sales
  • Have experience selling internationally
  • Have at least two years of sales
  • Can provide audited financial statements

How Do I Qualify for CCC’s Services?

One way we help Canadian exporters win international contracts is by offering foreign government buyers the assurance of the Government of Canada that the contract will be delivered according to the agreed terms and conditions. Before we can extend that assurance, however, we need to make sure your company can execute the international contract. This involves two assessments: an integrity compliance assessment and a due diligence assessment.

What is an Integrity Compliance Assessment?

This is a mandatory check for all Canadian exporters who want to work with us. First, we’ll send you our due diligence questionnaire, asking about your business practices and your use of agents or other representatives. You’ll also need to sign a certificate of compliance for all the information you provide on the questionnaire.
Next, our Integrity Compliance Committee assesses your submission. If we have further questions, we’ll conduct an enhanced managerial review to make sure you have appropriate processes and policies in place to prevent bribery, corruption and other illegal or unethical practices. When this assessment is finished, your CCC account manager will bring your proposed deal forward for formal CCC approval. With that approval, we’ll sign a service agreement with your company so we can jointly pursue the foreign sales opportunity on a government to government contracting basis. At this time, we’ll also provide you with our fee so it can be built into your draft proposal.

What Does a Due Diligence Assessment Involve?

As part of our review process, we’ll also ask you to provide information about your technical, managerial and financial capabilities. Here’s what we look for: Technical
  • Sufficient technical expertise to meet the requirements of the contract
  • Capacity to undertake the contract (which may involve site visits to your locations)
  • An alternate source of supply for the product or service
  • A management team capable of carrying on your business over the life of the contract
  • A project team capable of managing the contract
  • Experience managing successful export contracts in markets with risk profiles similar to that of the proposed contract
  • An understanding of the risk of insolvency during the contract period
  • Adequate capacity to meet the contract’s cash-flow demands
  • Ability to handle scope changes and cost overruns commensurate with the risk of the project

What Does it Cost to Work with CCC?

Our fees cover the level of effort and costs related to the management and execution of a contract as well as any up-front business development costs. These fees are commensurate with the contract value, risk and nature of the transaction. Our fees are affected by a number of factors, including:
  • Costs: A cost estimator tool is used to project the costs associated with managing the contract to ensure the proposed fees cover the projected costs.
  • Risk: The risk profile of the opportunity (i.e., managerial, technical, financial and political risk) is taken into account when setting the fee.
  • Transaction type: The complexity of the project (e.g., supply and install contracts versus complex construction projects) and subsequent level of effort for our team are also taken into account when setting the fee.
* Note: Contracts with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) are not subject to a CCC fee per the Canada–U.S. Defence Production Sharing Agreement. As prime contractor for the government to government contract, our fees are embedded in the price supplied to your foreign government buyer within our proposal.