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 Bringing Canadian businesses and government buyers together in successful commercial contracts.

Canada’s G2G for the world

To help Canadian businesses find, qualify, and pursue sales to governments around the world, we offer a proven government to government (G2G) contracting service to support Canadian contract wins. Canada’s G2G, called the International Prime Contractor service, offers an arrangement for your pursuit, opens the door for an unsolicited proposal, and offers your buyer a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance.

Canada’s G2G builds trusted commercial relationships between Canadian businesses and their foreign government buyers, builds a stronger pursuit team and delivers preferred positioning for your proposal.

Collaborating with governments abroad

The International Prime Contractor service enables government buyers to move from an arms-length vendor selection process to a collaboration with the Government of Canada supported by the expertise of the private sector to scope the right solution.

By the time we deliver an unsolicited proposal, we have thoroughly evaluated the integrity, technical, financial, and managerial capabilities of the Canadian vendor and their ability to successfully deliver on the contract and project. This significantly reduces procurement risks and increases the chance of successful project delivery.

Supporting Canadian business success

International Prime Contractor service was created for Canadian businesses because some international sales need government advocacy to level the playing field.

The pursuit arrangement that is signed as part of the International Prime Contractor service allows us to work with Canadian businesses to co-create unsolicited proposals, advocate for Canadian businesses and their proposals, seek the right terms and conditions for contract success, be there to troubleshoot until final payment and provide a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance.

We help Canadian businesses navigate and win in complex government procurement markets

Our 2022-2023 achievements


New export contracts with Canadian companies


Value of new exports through the International Prime Contractor service

Who can access the International Prime Contractor program?

Canadian businesses

We support Canadian businesses that have experience selling internationally, sell directly to government buyers as a normal sales mode, and have a sales lead that is relatively large (>$10M) or will lead to a larger deal that will get attention at senior levels of the buying government.

Government buyers

We can enter into G2G commercial contracts with most governments for the sale of Canadian solutions. We can work with all levels of government – national, subnational, and municipal, as well as their agencies and government-owned enterprises.


We place a priority on opportunities in aerospace, clean technology, defence, infrastructure, and information and communications technology (ICT) sectors but we also support other sectors like agriculture and health.

These growth sectors reflect priority areas for government buyers and align with the Government of Canada’s progressive trade agenda.

International Prime Contractor customers

What we do for International Prime Contractor customers

  • We validate the sales lead and sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the relevant government ministry for the acquisition. We also define the requirements with the government buyer and the Canadian company to pave the way for an unsolicited proposal.
  • After we perform due diligence on the Canadian supplier, we establish a service agreement or pursuit agreement with the Canadian company to co-create a proposal for the government buyer.
  • We develop and submit an unsolicited proposal with the Canadian company with a Government of Canada endorsement of the company’s technical, managerial, and financial strength to deliver on the contract. We also thoroughly evaluate the proposed end use of the product or service and assess the environmental and human rights impacts to ensure that the project aligns with the Government of Canada’s expectations of us as a Crown corporation.
  • We negotiate the G2G contractwith the government buyer where we undertake the role of prime contractor and we provide a Government of Canada guarantee that the contract will be performed in accordance with its terms and conditions. We also issue a domestic contract to the Canadian company that passes through the contractual obligations of the international G2G contract.
  • As the Canadian supplier delivers on the contract, CCC is available to support both the Canadian vendor and the government buyer.
  • We manage the contract performance of the Canadian company and administer funds from the government buyer. We also coordinate advocacy with other Government of Canada partners as required.
  • After the project is successfully completed, we explore other potential collaborations with the government buyer and the Canadian business.

Why choose International Prime Contractor

For Canadian companies


Gain a local BD partner

We leverage the Canadian embassy and a government to
government relationship to help identify and advance your
pursuit to negotiation and signature.


Go from RFP to co-creation

Our unsolicited G2G proposal approach moves you from an arms length vendor selection to a collaboration between governments supported by your expertise to design the right solution


Mitigate risks to your pursuit

As prime contractor, we reduce political, corruption, human
rights, and payment risks, and leverage the Government of Canada network to help navigate the complex government procurement decision-making process effectively.


Differentiate yourself from competitors

With a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance, we help increase the buying government’s confidence in their selection of your proposal.

Differentiate your proposal by elevating it to a government to government contract.

For Government buyers


De-risk the procurement process

We remove contract performance risk with our proven G2G
contracting model, vendor due diligence, and government
guarantee of contract performance.


Faster and better procurement

We satisfy priority needs with unsolicited proposals from
qualified Canadian suppliers. We welcome value for money
assessments on our proposals.


Attract sources of financing

We bring a proven track record of successfully delivered public
sector projects and a network of commercial banks to attract
project financing.


Building our shared bilateral relationship

Each G2G contract is an opportunity to deepen our trade
relationship and builds meaningful ties between our governments.

We offer reliable companies, a guarantee of contract performance and an enhanced relationship with the Government of Canada.

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