We help Canadians win more government business abroad.

International Prime Contractor is a fee-based program where we create government to government (G2G) contracts with foreign government buyers to help Canadians win more international public sector contract opportunities.

Supporting Canadian business success

When we connect a Canadian company to a government buyer, through a G2G commercial contract, we are committing to a teaming arrangement that allows us to advocate for them and their proposal, seek the right terms and conditions for contract success, and to be there to troubleshoot from project development to final payment. A G2G contract increases a Canadian company’s chances of winning the business. 

Every G2G commercial contract signed by us has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada and comes with an assurance of contract performance. 

Strengthening Canada’s bilateral relationships 

When we connect a government buyer to a Canadian company, through a G2G contract, we have thoroughly evaluated the technical, financial, and managerial capabilities of the Canadian business to deliver on the contract.

We also ensure the Canadian company meets the Government of Canada’s integrity compliance expectations. This significantly reduces procurement risks for the government buyer.

Delivering Canada to the world

We also thoroughly evaluate the proposed end use of the product or service and assess the environmental and human rights impacts of the project. This ensures that the transactions we support align with the Government of Canada’s expectations of us as a Crown corporation.

Our 2021-2022 achievements


New export contracts with Canadian companies.


Value of new exports through the International Prime Contractor service

Who can access the International Prime Contractor program?

Canadian businesses

We support Canadian businesses that have experience selling internationally, sell directly to government buyers as a normal sales mode, and have a sales lead that is relatively large (>$10M) or will lead to a larger deal that will get attention at senior levels of the buying government.

Government buyers

We can enter into G2G commercial contracts with most governments for the sale of Canadian solutions. We can work with all levels of government – national, subnational, and municipal, as well as their agencies and government-owned enterprises.


We place a priority on opportunities in Aerospace, Clean Technology, Defence, Infrastructure, and  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sectors but we also support other sectors like Agriculture and Health.  

These growth sectors reflect priority areas for government buyers and align with the Government of Canada’s progressive trade agenda. 

International Prime Contractor customers

What we do for International Prime Contractor customers

Why choose International Prime Contractor

For Canadian Companies

Engage high-level government buyers
We use a whole-of-government approach to work with senior level government officials to help advance pursuits.
Gain a competitive advantage
As the Government of Canada’s international G2G contracting organization, we stand behind our exporter’s offer, increasing the buying government’s confidence in the transaction.
Navigate complex markets
We reduce political, corruption and payment risks. Payments and cash flows are executed through us, as part of our role as Prime Contractor.
Accelerate the selling process
The efficiency of our unsolicited proposal approach saves the time and cost of a traditional procurement process.

Differentiate your proposal by elevating it to a government to government contract.

For Government Buyers

Facilitate faster procurements
Often governments can procure on a government to government basis using a simpler and faster procurement process. We satisfy urgent and compelling needs with unsolicited proposals and our nimble and flexible contracting approach.
Reduce procurement contract risk
Involving us reduces the risk to all parties, may improve the financial viability of a project, and our due diligence process promotes responsible business practices.
Improve project outcomes
We provide a unique Government of Canada assurance that the contract we sign will be delivered per the terms and conditions, and we manage the contract to completion.

We offer reliable companies, a guarantee of contract performance and an enhanced relationship with the Government of Canada.

If you answer yes to these questions, we want to know about your Canadian business and help you win more contracts internationally.

Experience selling directly to foreign governments

A growth strategy that prioritizes selling internationally

A government contract opportunity of $10M or greater

Local representation in your target markets

The capacity and financial strength to pursue large deals

Frequently asked questions

EDC is Canada’s export credit agency. They offer financing and insurance to Canadian business to support exports. We are Canada’s government to government contracting agency. We use G2G commercial contracts to promote the sale of made-in-Canada products and solutions to government buyers around the world. We team up with Canadian businesses to jointly pursue and win those contracts. We are not a bank and we cannot finance a deal. We do however, have financial partners, like the EDC, who can provide buyer financing for purchases made through a G2G commercial contract.
Yes, we can participate in a competitive process. Based on our experience, we have the greatest impact and are most successful when we work with Canadian businesses to deliver unsolicited proposals during the pre-solicitation phase. By connecting with us and the Trade Commissioner Service in market, we can help you to look for international projects before they go to tender.
CCC is Canada’s government to government contracting agency. Countries that sign G2G commercial contracts with CCC have the Government of Canada’s assurance that their contract will be delivered as negotiated – on time and on budget. CCC does rigorous due diligence on each Canadian business we support for a G2G commercial contract. This includes assuring that the company passes our integrity compliance and Technical, Managerial, and Financial strength assessments.
CCC signs the G2G contract with the government buyer and then signs a sub-contract with the Canadian business to perform the work. CCC takes on the performance oversight and financial administration of the contract G2G contracts are well regarded by financial institutions: G2G contracts are well regarded by financial institutions and commercial lenders, often resulting in favourable financing terms for both government buyers and Canadian businesses. CCC’s G2G contract execution services included in bid price: CCC fees for the G2G contract cover the effort and cost of managing performance oversight and financial administration of the contract, as well as up-front business development costs. Support for local economies: Some G2G commercial contracts also create local jobs, local subcontracting opportunities, and provides opportunities for local training and knowledge transfer.
Based on our years of experience, we find that projects that are most successful with G2G contracting are those where: The government need is urgent and cannot wait for a competitive process. The government has seen failed competitive processes and cannot risk another. The procurement is sensitive and requires confidentiality The government is concerned about the risk of bribery or corruption around the procurement. The government has concerns about successful contract delivery. The government has engaged in G2G contracts in the past.
Our fees cover the level of effort and costs related to the management and execution of a contract as well as any up-front business development costs. They are commensurate with the contract value, risk and nature of the transaction. Factors that affect our fees, include: Costs: A cost estimator tool is used to project the costs associated with managing the contract to ensure the proposed fees cover the projected costs. Risk: The risk profile of the opportunity (i.e., managerial, technical, financial and political risk) is taken into account when setting the fee. Transaction type: The complexity of the project (e.g., supply and install contracts versus complex construction projects) and subsequent level of effort for our team are also taken into account when setting the fee.
As a first step, we’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your business and practices. The questionnaire looks to confirm the following: Technical — Do you have the technical expertise to take on and fulfill opportunities in your stated sector. Managerial — Can your leadership team keep the business running for the duration of the contract, and that you have a project team ready to deliver. We may look for past success managing export contracts in markets with similar risk profiles. Financial — Do you have the balance sheet to handle the scope of the contract and that we are not putting the Government of Canada at undue financial risk. We will ask you about your agents or other representatives and that you sign a certificate of compliance for all the information you provide on the questionnaire.
G2G contracting significantly reduces the risks associated with international procurement since every contract signed by CCC has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada. CCC takes on all contractual matters, performance oversight and financial administration of the contract. Foreign government buyers will not only have the assurance that the contract will be delivered in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions, but know it can also create attractive conditions for project financing. CCC’s participation in contracts also reduces the risk of unethical business practices that can hinder procurement effectiveness. CCC is also committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices, as an integral part of supporting inclusive trade and applying responsible business conduct in all its business dealings.
Since there is a requirement for contracts to be USD $250,000 or greater for U.S. DoD opportunities and >$10M for non-U.S. DoD opportunities, typically large-scale projects in major sectors qualify for government to government contracting. This includes: Defence Aerospace Clean technology Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Construction and Infrastructure Transportation including Maritime
We can enter into a contract with most sovereign governments of all levels including national, subnational and municipal.

Not quite ready?

CCC offers a number of services for you to be successful with government procurement opportunities.