Elevate Your Deal to a Government to Government Contract

We work with Canadian exporters pursuing significant foreign government contracts, positioning qualified Canadian exporter proposals, marshalling all-of-government advocacy and offering the assurance of a government to government contract.

We do this to promote Canadian exports, support well-paying jobs in Canada, and diversify export markets for Canada.

Some international opportunity pursuits need government advocacy to level the playing field.

Make Us Your Global Competitive Advantage

We support the development of trade by helping Canadian exporters like you access government procurement markets of other nations through government to government contracting.

Leverage Government of Canada officials advocating for your proposal: Through commercial advocacy and collaborative project development, we help Canadian exporters win contracts with governments around the world. We help you leverage a strong Canada Brand and support your proposal and credibility with your government buyer.

Explore a directed (single source) contract via government to government contracting: We leverage the fact that many countries have procurement legislation that allows sole-source contracts to be awarded under certain specific conditions, including when working under a government to government contracting model.

Mitigate deal risk for you and your buyer with Canada as your “prime contractor”: All our government to government contracts come with a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance. The assurance of having the Government of Canada as a counterparty to large, long-term, or complex contract can attract project financing or persuade a buyer to forego or reduce the need for performance bonds.

Gain expertise in negotiating and managing the execution of complex international contracts: Build your deal team strength with our experienced deal experts. Our tailored pursuit plans and experienced business development team may be the right complement to your sales team. We can partner on the international pursuit and bring experienced contract negotiators to the table to secure the terms and conditions you need for a successful deal.

We work with Canadian exporters across all sectors where government buyers have needs – aerospace, cleantech, defence, information and communication technology and infrastructure.

Find out how we can help you validate your lead and advocate for your proposal. Contact us.

Get Your Customized International Pursuit Support

This service creates an alliance with you to pursue, capture and deliver on a contract for your government customer. This service delivers a completely customized approach to your international pursuit, including having our experts work with you to:

  • Validate your international opportunity with a government buyer
  • Develop a pursuit plan to move towards a contract win
  • Support your proposal development
  • Advocate for your proposal with government officials
  • Negotiate the contract with your team and your government buyer
  • Provide contract administration and oversight

This service has fees set as a percentage of the overall value of the transaction. Due to the bespoke nature of the service, you will need to engage with one of our deal experts to establish pricing.

For more information on our Canadian exporter success stories, check out our exporter success stories

Are We Right for You? Are You Right for Us?

We always want to ensure that a government to government approach is a good fit for you and your deal. If your company and export opportunity check several of the boxes below, this International Prime Contractor Service may be a good fit. These are only guidelines, so be sure to discuss the specifics of your export opportunity with one of our deal experts.

If your company…

  • Has experience selling internationally, especially into similar markets
  • Sells directly to international government entities* as a normal sales mode
  • Has prioritized selling internationally as a key component to grow sales
  • Has staff, local partners or representation in the target region
  • Has the capacity and financial strength to pursue deals of a significant size as buying governments usually consider G2G for larger, critically important procurements

*Includes all levels of government and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)

If the opportunity…

  • Is relatively large (>$10M) or
  • Will lead to a larger deal that will get attention at senior levels of the buying government

For more information to assess our fit, check out our onboarding process

How Will We Work Together?

  • You will onboard with us by successfully passing our preliminary technical, managerial and financial due diligence and Integrity Compliance and Human Rights Assessments.
  • We’ll sign a Services Agreement that will formalize our alliance on the pursuit and establish the fees we will charge.
  • Our joint sales team will plan and execute a campaign for the opportunity capture, including proposal development, buyer engagement and contract negotiation.
  • We’ll take on the role of prime contractor to your government buyer – our contract has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada. CCC provides your government buyer a Government of Canada guarantee that the contract will be performed in accordance with the established terms and conditions.
  • We’ll establish a domestic sub-contract that flows the contractual commitments to you as our qualified Canadian exporter.
  • As you fulfil the contract, CCC manages and financially administers the contract.
  • You work directly with your buyer for any technical issues and call on us for any contractual issues – including dispute resolution.

Schedule a consultation to talk about your deal with one of our experts. Contact us.

 Stay Informed

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