Commitment to responsible business conduct

CCC’s Responsible Business Conduct Framework sets out our commitment to ensuring we, and the companies we work with, operate in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner in Canada and abroad.

What is responsible business conduct?

Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) is about companies supporting economic, social and environmental sustainability when they do business. At its core, RBC ensures Canadian companies respect human rights and abide by applicable laws in Canada and foreign countries, as well as international standards. But committing to RBC is more than just about following laws. It is about acting responsibly, ethically and sustainably because it is the right thing to do.

Why is responsible business conduct important?

Responsible Business Conduct is important for any company of any size in any sector. It helps ensure businesses are making positive contributions in the communities where they operate. It also enables businesses to assess areas of risk to reduce negative impacts and address issues if they do occur. From a business perspective, demonstrating responsible and ethical business practices can also boost a company’s bottom line by helping to avoid legal costs arising from human rights violations. It can also improve a company’s reputation internationally, in turn helping to attract skilled employees, strengthen consumer loyalty and increase market share.

How is CCC helping canadian exporters conduct their business responsibly?

As a federal Crown corporation, CCC is committed to promoting responsible business practices. We help Canadian companies selling to foreign governments understand what RBC requires and ensure it is at the core of their operations abroad. We are also committed to ensuring that our own organization operates in a socially responsible manner. To this end, in 2018 CCC reviewed its risk assessment and transaction due diligence practices to ensure that RBC, human rights and transparency are core guiding principles within the organization.  We have also incorporated Canada’s international human rights obligations into our operational policies and procedures.

Code of conduct and business ethics

CCC’s code of conduct and business ethics is the cornerstone of our RBC policies. The Code promotes a positive, respectful and professional work environment and gives Canadian exporters confidence that when they work with CCC, they can expect responsible, sustainable and ethical behaviour. Each year, all CCC employees must agree to abide by the Code to ensure they understand their obligations.  They also agree to always represent CCC, Canada and the export community with integrity.

CCC’s Code for Exporters

CCC is committed to operating responsibly, transparently, and ethically in line with our ESG Strategy and commitment to responsible business conduct. We also expect the same of the Exporters we work with.

CCC’s Code for Exporters outlines various performance standards in the areas of anti-bribery and corruption, human rights and environmental protection. CCC encourages Exporters to adopt policies and practices in these areas and cascade the principles through their supply chain. This means upholding these values in actions and operations. We understand the importance of being able to report concerns and therefore encourage all stakeholders to raise reports of potential wrongdoing in relation to CCC projects.

Transparency and accountability policy

We are committed to operating with transparency and accountability. We believe that information disclosure and transparent decision-making processes enable stakeholders to hold CCC to account and promote the effective management of resources. CCC’s disclosure of information enables Parliament to evaluate our performance and allows the Canadian public to see that we are using public funds responsibly. We also recognize transparency and accountability as an essential part of how we conduct business and deliver on our mandate to foster trade between Canada and other nations. Accordingly, CCC’s transparency and accountability policy provides the necessary guidance to ensure we routinely and proactively disclose information about our business activities.

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