CCC is the Crown corporation of the Government of Canada (government-owned enterprise) that undertakes sales of products and services from Canada on a government to government basis. CCC reports to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development, and works in collaboration with Canadian Embassies and High Commissions abroad.

A Collaborative Approach

CCC understands the challenges government buyers face when making acquisitions internationally. Drawing on decades of experience, CCC offers a customized government to government approach to meet specific project needs, regardless of complexity, with:

  • A Government to Government co-development of the project scope.
  • A trusted government to government contracting mechanism.
  • An assurance of the Government of Canada that the contract will be delivered per the agreed terms and conditions.
  • A World-class Canadian capabilities identified to meet project requirements. 
  • Working closely with Canada’s Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to meet the needs of purchasing governments.
  • Working closely with international lenders including commercial banks and Export Development Canada, Canada’s export credit agency.

A Government of Canada Assurance of Contract Performance

Government to government contracting can be a much faster procurement approach that builds commercial relationships with Canada. As Prime Contractor, CCC stands behind every government to government contract with the full assurance of the Government of Canada.

CCC’s Responsibilities as Prime Contractor May Include:

  • Establishing an MOU with the relevant government ministry to explore needs and propose a Canadian solution.
  • Establishing Services Agreements with Canadian companies to define the support required for the business development pursuit. 
  • Submitting a proposal with a Canadian company that has the technical, managerial and financial strength to undertake the project.
  • Negotiating an international contract on a government to government basis, and performs the role of Prime Contractor.
  • Issuing a Domestic Contract to the Canadian company, passing on all contractual obligations of the international contract. 
  • Managing contract performance and administering funds from the government buyer.
  • Providing a Government of Canada guarantee that the contract will be performed in accordance with its terms and conditions.

Who Can Participate?

CCC can enter into a contract with most sovereign governments for the sale of Canadian solutions. CCC can work with all levels of government – national, subnational and municipal.

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