Disclosure of Wrongdoing

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In line with CCC’s commitment to operating responsibly and transparently and outlined in CCC’s Code for Exporters, CCC encourages individuals or organizations with information relating to actual or potential wrongdoing, unethical behaviour, integrity or human rights concerns in CCC projects to raise those concerns. Please complete this form below with additional details If you wish to do so, you can provide information without having your name and identity associated with it. Please be advised that CCC may not be able to inform you on the findings or status of any potential investigation. If you are willing to be contacted for further information, please advise us below with appropriate contact details.

Privacy Notice

Any information provided through this form is collected for investigating allegations of wrongdoing or concerns. Your information will only be viewed by those persons at CCC who need that information for the purpose for which it was given. CCC will not disclose your information to anyone outside CCC without your consent or unless required by law. CCC handles all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. For more information about your rights under the Act, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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In the space below, please provide information about the wrongdoing and the person(s) or organizations alleged to have committed the wrongdoing. The following details are helpful, if known:
  • a description of the wrongdoing (required)
  • the names of those responsible/potentially responsible
  • when and where the wrongdoing occurred
  • any other information you consider relevant.
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