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We help Canadian businesses sell to foreign governments.

At our core, we empower Canadian exporters by providing unparalleled access to foreign government buyers, opening doors for international business expansion. Our experience and expertise will help you navigate the complexities of foreign government procurement markets with more confidence, less risk and stronger competitive differentiation.

We offer support for a range of sectors, with a strong focus on solutions for the U.S. Department of Defence (U.S. DoD) and foreign governments looking to procure solutions in aerospace, defence, construction and infrastructure, clean technologies, and Information and communications technology (ICT).

If you’re looking to do business with a foreign government — we can help.  

Our products and services​

Also known as GBOF, is an online tool funded by the Government of Canada that enables Canadian businesses to discover tender requests by foreign governments.

Advisory Services

We provide practical business development advice, referrals, and tools that are designed bring all the supports you need to enable you at each stage of the deal.

A free service funded by the Government of Canada and  supported by the U.S. Government, to help Canadians sell their products, services and solutions to the U.S. military.

A fee-based service where we create unique government to government (G2G) contracts to accelerate sales with foreign federal, state and municipal government buyers.

We also partner with Canadian government departments and agencies to help them deliver in-kind foreign aid or contributions to governments around the world.

How we help Canadians

Provide solutions and expertise

We were created over 75 years ago by the Government of Canada and we have facilitated trillions in exports and foreign business. Our programs and services are designed to help Canadians succeed on the international stage.

Access government procurement decision-makers

We help validate your sales opportunity, then connect your company to senior government officials and procurement decision-makers. Our memoranda of understanding (MOU) with foreign governments can make exporting from Canada easier.

Minimize political and business risk

When you work with us, we are with you every step of the way — from initial customer meetings to negotiations and through the entire life of the contract.

Our experience structuring and managing complex international contracts also ensures you have a partner who can help resolve any contracting issues, and can shield you from potential unethical business practices such as bribery and corruption.

Speed up sales 

We accelerate international sales through sole-source, government to government (G2G) contracts that eliminate the time and costs typically associated with a competitive procurement process.

Reduce payment risk 

All payments and cash flows are executed through us, reducing political and business risks during the sale as well as payment risks during the contract. 

Provide a competitive advantage

Our contracting approach is backed by the Government of Canada, assuring your foreign buyer that the contract will be delivered according to the agreed terms and conditions — guaranteed. With the support and advocacy of the Canadian government behind your proposal, you gain credibility with your government buyer and stand out from your competitors.

Our achievements for 2022-2023


Canadian businesses served


Value of new contracts signed

Exporters of all sizes

Whether your company is large or small, if you have products or services suitable for foreign government buyers or government-owned enterprises, we want to talk to you. Our services can help if you are a:

Some of our customers

Logo of Canadian Bank Note (CBN)

National Lottery – Central America

With CCC’s support, Canadian Bank Note supplied the Governments of Honduras with a national lottery system that funds the countries’ social programs, including maternal and child health, and educational programs.


Smart Water Meters – Caribbean

CCC signed a $42 Million contract with the Barbados Water Authority to work with Canadian supplier CowaterSogema International to help modernize the country’s water and sanitation institutions and improve efficiency in operations.


Airport – Latin America

CCC signed a US$415 million contract with the City of Quito for the development of a new airport. CCC subcontracted the construction work to a 50/50 joint venture consisting of Canada’s Aecon and Andrade Gutierrez Constructores, one of the largest construction companies South America.

Field Aviation

Aircraft – North America 

CCC helped Field Aviation navigate the complex U.S. DoD purchasing requirements and ensured a satisfactory contract structure. As a result of this purchasing agreement, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security now has seven Dash 8 Maritime patrol aircrafts at their disposal.

Series of rail cars with Canpotex logo

Agriculture – Asia

Over the years, CCC has signed several contracts with the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) to sell potash from Canpotex. Potash is critical to Bangladesh’s agricultural industry and is a driver for their continued domestic development.

JV Driver

Maritime Pier – Caribbean

In partnership with CCC, Canadian company JV Driver completed a second pier at Port Zante, St. Kitts & Nevis that can accommodate the new Oasis class mega cruise ships to meet the demands of the nation’s expanding tourism market.

Want to learn more?

Here are a number of resources to help you learn more about us and how we support Canadian businesses.

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