We are U.S. DoD’s Prime Contractor for Purchases from Canada

As the prime contractor for U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. DoD) procurements from Canada. We put in place all contracts over $250,000 USD awarded to Canadian suppliers through U.S. DoD procurement processes.

Under the Canada-U.S. Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA), Canadian companies have almost full access to the world’s largest military procurement market. CCC is embedded in the U.S. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement 225.870 (DFARS) to act as the prime contractor for Canadian exporters awarded U.S. DoD contracts.

Strengthening defence procurement cooperation with the United States and promoting a strong, integrated, and more widely dispersed defence industrial base in North America.

Make Us Your Ally in Levelling the Playing Field

We support the development of trade by helping Canadian exporters like you access government procurement markets of other nations through government to government contracting.

Navigate the U.S. DoD procurement market with confidence: Pursuing contracts in a complex government market like the U.S. DoD can be a bit overwhelming. Our contracting experts are here to support and guide you to success. We can help you navigate the highly complex and regulated U.S. government procurement system, educate your U.S. DoD buyers on buying from Canada, and ensure that you can use familiar Canadian government standards and contract management practices.

Take full advantage of generally equal treatment with U.S. suppliers: Canadian exporters may benefit from our role in the Canada-U.S. Defence Production Sharing Agreement and the DFARS, where Canadian exporters are considered a domestic source of supply and can bid on U.S. DoD contracts on an equal competitive footing with U.S. suppliers. There are still many exceptions to this principle – but let us know if you are encountering problems with buyers as we might be able to help.

Benefit from Canadian standards for price certification and audits: We partner with Public Services and Procurement Canada to use the Canadian standards in the Cost and Profit Policy of the Government of Canada to ensure the price you offer in your proposal to U.S. DoD is fair and reasonable. This eliminates the need for you to present cost and pricing data to U.S. DoD that conforms with U.S. accounting standards.

Reduce your payment risk and improve your cashflow: Build your program team strength with our experienced U.S. DoD contract experts. We can help you navigate the financial payment system with confidence and reduce your payment risk with our receivables payment in 30 days. You can also turn your domestic accounts receivable with us into ready cash at the time of invoicing with receivables discounting or factoring, rather than waiting for payment. This gives you working capital to pay your vendors and employees.

Beyond Defence: Securing opportunities for all kinds of Canadian businesses with the U.S. DoD. Download your copy of our reference guide now.

Get Our Endorsement for Your Offer

This service fulfills our obligations under the Canada-U.S. Defence Production Sharing Agreement and the DFARS and opens the world’s largest defence procurement market to Canadian exporters. This service is designed to support you as you bid, win and deliver on contracts with U.S. DoD, including having our experts work with you to:

Interpret the solicitation documents from U.S. DoD: Once you have found a solicitation of interest and wish to pursue it, you may want help interpreting the solicitation. Contact us so we can review the solicitation and help you interpret the U.S. DoD documents.

Endorse Your Proposal to U.S. DoD: We will review your technical and financial proposal and complete our due diligence before endorsing your proposal to U.S. DoD. We provide your U.S. DoD buyer our Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance. To do this, we manage our risk by assessing your managerial, technical and financial strength to perform the work of the solicitation you intend to bid on.

Certify Your Price to U.S. DoD as Fair and Reasonable: Through Public Services and Procurement Canada, we provide U.S. DoD with an assessment that your costs or pricing contained in your bid are fair and reasonable and in-line with what the Government of Canada has paid/would pay for similar work. CCC will perform a price certification where a solicitation is not competitive.

Advocate on your behalf with government officials: Export sales can occasionally be a bumpy road and we are here to help you through those challenges. Whether its early in the procurement process or in the later stages of contract performance, our experts can help you find a successful way through.

Provide contract administration and oversight: As with all our Prime Contractor Services, we sign the international contract and remain involved in your contract through the performance period to financial close out. This service is free to Canadian exporters and the U.S. DoD.

For more information on our Canadian exporter success stories, check out our Exporter Success Stories

Learn more about what we can do with you to strengthen your contract position. Contact us

Are We Right for You? Are You Right for Us?

We always want to ensure that a government to government approach is a good fit for you and your company. If your company and export opportunity check several of the boxes below, this U.S. DoD Prime Contractor Service may be a good fit. These are only guidelines, so be sure to discuss the specifics of your export opportunity with one of our contracting experts.

If your company…

  • Has an opportunity to sell directly the U.S. Department of Defense (not through another company)
  • Has financial statements for the last two financial year end.
  • Has had two-year track record of sales

If the opportunity…

  • Is with the U.S. Department of Defense and is valued over $250,000 USD

For more information to assess our fit, check out our Onboarding Process.

Ask us any questions you have about doing business with U.S. DoD. Contact us

How Will We Work Together?

  1. You will onboard with us by successfully passing our preliminary technical, managerial and financial due diligence and Integrity Compliance and Human Rights Assessments.
  2. We’ll sign a Domestic Sub-Contract that flows the contractual commitments to you as our qualified Canadian exporter and formalizes our support for the proposal you are submitting to U.S. DoD.
  3. We’ll take on the role of prime contractor to your government buyer – our international contract has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada.
  4. As you fulfil the contract, CCC manages and financially administers the contract.
  5. You work directly with your buyer for any technical issues and call on us for any contractual issues – including dispute resolution.
  6. CCC provides your government buyer a Government of Canada guarantee that the contract will be performed in accordance with the established terms and conditions.

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