Growing and
Canadian Export

Annual Report 2020–2021

Key Highlights for 2020-2021

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Canadian businesses exported $2.92B products and services through CCC contracts, supporting 

jobs across Canada

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in new export contracts signed, 941 new contracts, including

under the DPSA program


Canadian companies

served across Canada
(64% of which were SMEs)

CCC Around the World

Through government-to-government contracts facilitated by the CCC, these Canadian companies were able to secure multi-million export contracts.

American Soldiers and Flag of USA on soldiers arm. US Army.
// United States: CCC helped
79 Canadian companies to win new
contracts with the U.S. Department of Defence (U.S. DoD) through the Canada-US Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA).
American Soldiers and Flag of USA on soldiers arm. US Army.
Viking’s CL-415EAF aircraft (Enhanced Aerial Firefighter) is a limited-edition conversion program upgrading select CL-215 Series IV & V airframes with Pratt & Whitney PW123AF turbine Engines, a Colins Pro Line Fusion® avionics suite, and key system upgrades.
// Morocco: With help from CCC, Longview Aviation Services secured a USD $132 million purchase by the Kingdom of Morocco to combat forest fires with three Viking CL-415EAF "Enhanced Aerial Firefighting” aircraft.
Viking’s CL-415EAF aircraft (Enhanced Aerial Firefighter) is a limited-edition conversion program upgrading select CL-215 Series IV & V airframes with Pratt & Whitney PW123AF turbine Engines, a Colins Pro Line Fusion® avionics suite, and key system upgrades.
Arrivals or departure area at Bermuda's L.F. Wade International Airport after redevelopment led by CCC and Aecon
// Bermuda: Aecon completed the redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport. The redevelopment features a new world class terminal and energy and water efficiency technologies..
Arrivals or departure area at Bermuda's L.F. Wade International Airport after redevelopment led by CCC and Aecon
OSI TDNS (Tactical Dived Navigation System) designed for submarine operations
// Chile: OSI Maritime Systems Ltd., won a government-to-government contract to provide Tactical Dived Navigation System, an advanced submarine solution, as part of a submarine upgrade program.
OSI TDNS (Tactical Dived Navigation System) designed for submarine operations
Flag of Ghana
// Ghana: JV Driver built Ghana’s newest container handling and devanning port terminal which allows the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority to increase its container handling capacity, expedite its services and bolster the entire economy.
Flag of Ghana
Railcars from Canpotex carrying potash across Canadian landscape
// Bangladesh: CCC is working with Canpotex to supply Canadian potash to the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation. This will be the fifth such contract that CCC has signed with the corporation.
Railcars from Canpotex carrying potash across Canadian landscape
N95 mask on blue background
// African Union: As part of Canada’s international response to COVID-19, Global Affairs Canada relied on CCC’s capacity to source Canadian aid delivery, donating 400,000 N95 masks to the Africa Centres for Disease Control.
N95 mask on blue background
Portrait of Douglas J. Harrison

Message from
our Chairperson

Fiscal year 2020–21 was extraordinary by every measure. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic at the start of the year had an enormous impact on the global economy and caused widespread trade and supply chain disruptions that continue to this day. Despite these challenges, CCC embraced change.

We adapted our business practices and service offerings to continue doing what we do best: help Canadian businesses gain access to international opportunities, and in so doing, strengthen the Canadian economy and create jobs at home. We are by no means out of the woods yet: the COVID 19 pandemic continues to create business, personal and societal challenges at home and abroad. CCC will continue to support the Government of Canada’s response to these unique and extraordinary circumstances.

Adapting to challenge is a central feature of CCC’s international business approach. In 2020–21, despite the challenges of COVID-19, we were able to help more exporters reach new markets across a diverse range of industries, and we supported more than 12,000 Canadian jobs.

These achievements are the direct results of our strategic direction in 2020–21, which focused business development efforts on priority sectors of the Canadian economy to grow and diversify Canadian export opportunities.

CCC’s government-to-government (G2G) contracts facilitate trade and reduce transactional risk between Canadian companies and foreign governments.

Portrait of Bobby Kwon

Message from
our President and CEO

It is an honour to have been appointed President and CEO of the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC). A central theme in fiscal year 2020–21 has been the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all facets of life, from how we live to how we do business.

As an organization, we have met the challenge of this disruption with resilience, adaptability and a collaborative spirit to ensure we are positioned to support our stakeholders—Canadian businesses, the Government of Canada, global trade partners and our employees—through the crisis.

Despite the economic headwinds and global trade market disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we took definitive steps to improve CCC’s financial position by prudently managing expenditures and signing new contracts.

  • Through CCC contracts, Canadian companies from across Canada exported $2.92B products and services globally, supporting an estimated 12,000 Canadian jobs.

  • We signed export contracts totalling $1.35B, including $922M in DPSA contracts, surpassing our $900M DPSA target for the second consecutive year.
  • Under our International Prime Contracting business line, we signed contracts totalling more than $400M and were active in 79 countries around the world.

  • We continued our efforts to grow and diversify our customer base, serving more than 345 Canadian companies through a combination of active contracts, knowledge products and leads under business development. Of this number, we partnered with 153 exporters from across Canada with active contracts, 48% of which were SMEs.

  • We directly contributed to the Government of Canada’s international COVID-19 relief efforts through our Sourcing business line. Partnering with Global Affairs Canada, we procured personal protective equipment from international vendors for global distribution and worked to improve our trade partners’ biological safety and security by procuring goods and services to enhance health infrastructure.

New Exports in Collaboration with CCC

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New export contracts signed with Canadian companies of all sizes to provide goods and services abroad

New export contracts signed in 2020-21 by all companies - $344 million to aerospace, -$4million to construction and infrastructure, $332million to defence, $400 million to ICT and $273 million to Other. Exports by business line - 30% through IPC, 68% through DPSA, 2% through Sourcinig

New SME Exports in Collaboration with CCC

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New export contracts signed with Canadian SMEs.

New exports signed by CCC in 2021 (SMEs only) - $3 million in Aerospace, $5 million in Construction and infrastructure, $19 million in defense, $1 million in ICT, $32 million in Other. Exports by business line - 31% through IPC, 62% through DPSA, 7% through sourcing

CCC Priority Sectors

Icon of airplace to represent aerospace technologies


Icon of windmill to represent clean tech technologies

Clean Technology

Icon of crane to represent construction

Construction & Infrastructure

Icon of military medal, to represent defense industry


Icon of satellite to represent ICT technologies

Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

Icon of medicine bottle and pills

Other (agriculture, health, tourism)

Man wearing face mask talking on walkie-talkie with shipping containers in background

Helping Canadian
companies of all
sizes export

CCC's Business Lines

Diagram of different programs CCC offers Canadian exporters and Government buyers - International Prime Contractor, US DoD Prime Contractor, Sourcing

International Prime Contractor (IPC)

CCC’s international contracting business is a fee based service that involves establishing G2G contracts with foreign government buyers.

Through G2G contracting arrangements, CCC mitigates the government buyers’ acquisition risk, cost and time while providing an added incentive to purchase from Canadian companies.

For Canadian companies, international prime contracting enables access to challenging markets backed by the Government of Canada through CCC’s guarantee of contract performance.

This arrangement lends additional market credibility to Canadian companies that sell goods and services abroad and provides support throughout the execution of the contract.

U.S. DoD Prime Contractor Service (DPSA)

DPSA is a bilateral defence trade agreement with the U.S. that CCC has administered on behalf of the Government of Canada since 1956.

DPSA enables Canadian companies to compete for contracts as part of the U.S. DoD’s domestic supply base, which includes the U.S. and Canada. This helps maintain Canada’s privileged relationship as a trusted acquisition partner of the U.S. DoD.


CCC helps Government of Canada departments and agencies fulfill complex purchasing needs related to a various international commitments and programs, such as:

  • Providing urgent and emergency disaster relief support
  • Helping foreign governments fight cross-border crime (e.g., fraud, corruption, human trafficking)
  • Supporting domestic and international anti-terrorism efforts
  • Facilitating Canada’s contributions in other international endeavours (e.g., scientific or other collaborations)

On behalf of Global Affairs Canada (GAC), CCC also manages all non-trade support services for 10 Canadian trade offices in China.

These offices, located in China’s rapidly developing second-tier cities, support Canadian companies looking to enter the Chinese market, while also providing a cost-effective trade promotion platform for Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service. CCC charges a fee to recover the costs of managing the Sourcing program.

Additional services

In 2020–21, CCC introduced three additional services to help Canadian companies find export opportunities. These services include:

CCC's Impact on the Canadian Economy

Icon of Canadian exports

Goods and services exported by Canadian companies of all sizes — under contract with CCC

Exports by Canadian industrial sector (all companies) - $248 milion to Aerospace, $67 million to constrcution adn infrstructure, $2026 million to defence, $387 million to ICT, $204 million to Other. Exports by business line - 70% thorough IPC, 29% through DPSA, 1% through sourcing

CCC's Impact on SMEs

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Goods and services exported by Canadian SMEs (only)

CCC's exports by industrial sector in 2022; $10 million in Aerospace, $2 million in construction and infrastructure, $28 million in defence, $1 million for ICT, $36 million other sectors. SME exports by business line - 29% through IPC, 65% through DPSA, 6% through sourcing

Spotlight on CCC Customers

Marathon Watch Company is a Canadian owned and run family business established in 1939. Marathon began its military heritage in 1941, manufacturing field watches and stopwatches for the Canadian War Department and sending watches overseas for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Marathon has been working with CCC since the 1980s, providing an array of precision timepieces and optical equipment to the U.S. military.

Over the last two years alone, CCC has supported Marathon Watch in more than a quarter million dollars in sales to a range of military aviation, land and maritime services.

Lockheed Martin Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, is the Canadian-based arm of Lockheed Martin Corporation, a global security and aerospace firm.

Lockheed Martin Canada employs more than 1,000 people and has been Canada’s trusted defence partner for more than 80 years, specializing in the development, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

In the past year, CCC worked with Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions, located in Montreal, Quebec, for the U.S. Air Force’s F108 engine overhaul, an important update to the KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft.

CCC's Impact on SMEs

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In 2020-21, CCC signed
new export contracts with Canadian
companies to deliver goods
and services under DPSA 

DPSA new export contracts signed by section - 19% Aerospace, 1% construction & infrastructure, 43% defense, 18% ICT, 19% Other.

Spotlight on CCC Customers

The North Warning System (NWS) is key to North America’s continental security. Spanning 5,000 km across the vast Canadian North-from the Yukon to Labrador, with 47 radar sites and five logistic support sites—its’s a challenging undertaking to maintain and operate.

A critical piece of this undertaking is the all-weather transportation provided by Indigenous owned and operated companies like Canadian North.  Canadian North is an Inuit wholly owned air transportation company that connects people and delivers essential goods throughout Canada’s North. It operates 25 destinations within the Northwest Territories, Nunavik and Nunavut, from its Southern gateways of Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton, with a versatile fleet of Boeing 737 and ATR 42 aircraft.

In 2018, Canadian aircraft manufacturer De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited teamed up with CCC to sell three Dash 8-400 aircraft to Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd., the national flag carrier airline of Bangladesh.

CCC made it possible for De Havilland Canada to close the deal, and avoid the risk of lost opportunity, through a simplified procurement process that would not have been possible without a government-to-government contract.

In 2020, De Havilland Canada delivered the first of the three aircraft. The Dash 8-400 is helping to fill a critical need in Biman’s domestic routes, where the airline relies on larger aircraft to provide the service. The customized internal configuration of the aircraft also meets Biman’s requirement for added luggage compartments to better serve its passengers.

Woman working at computer with face masking

Government Approach
to Serving Canadian Businesses

CCC Partners

Image of CCC partner system including logos from aef, cabc, AIAC, CADSI, Collision, ComDef, CREF virtual

In addition to partnering with Government of Canada departments and agencies, CCC works across industry to identify and participate in opportunities to support Canadian business.

AEF: Africa Energy Forum

AIAC: Aerospace Industries Association of Canada

CADSI: Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

Canada ASEAN Business Council:

CCPPP: Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Collision: Technology Conference

COMDEF: An international defence cooperation conference organized by IDEEA Inc.

CREF: Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum

Learn About How CCC Supports Canadians

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