Canadian Technology and Expertise Available Through CCC

CCC provides simplified access to Canada’s world-class technologies and expertise on a government to government basis.


  • Airports, runways/aprons, terminals and air space navigational systems
  • Supply of rail and transit equipment and communications-based control systems
  • Electrical power, including generation plants, electrical grid and local distribution
  • Water and wastewater storage reservoirs, pipes, pumps, valves
  • Hospitals and specialized medical clinics
  • Schools, universities, and specialized colleges

Health and Education

  • Medical equipment and staff training
  • Educational curricula development and training


  • Water filtration and treatment equipment and smart meters
  • Water desalinization
  • Clean energy generation, including solar, hydro, biomass and wind power

Information Technology Infrastructure

  • Biometric voter registration systems
  • National identification card systems
  • Geomatic and land title registry systems
  • Government tax administration systems
  • Electronic lottery systems


  • Intrusion protection systems
  • Critical infrastructure protection systems
  • Voice, data, and video networking solutions

Air, Land, Sea Platforms

  • Armored vehicles and survivability systems
  • Special mission aircraft and aircraft missionization
  • Surface combatant ships
  • Joint support and off-shore patrol ships
  • In-service support solutions

Command and Support

  • Command, control and communications systems
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems

Training Systems

  • Interactive maintenance trainers
  • Live-fire training and weapon systems
  • Close combat tactical trainers
  • Flight, land and naval dynamic synthetic environments

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