Canada-U.S. defence trade agreements [factsheet]

Learn more about the relevant regulations in defence agreements between Canada and the U.S.


Global opportunities for Canadian Cleantech businesses

Download our guide to learn more about the massive global cleantech opportunity, and how Canadian companies can sell their products, solutions, and services to foreign governments through CCC.


Gastops: Oil condition monitoring for mission critical equipment

Read how Gastops partnered with CCC to secure contracts with the U.S. DoD and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Buy from Canada [international buyer brochure]

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Win foreign government contracts [international exporter brochure]

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Global Bid Opportunity Finder [factsheet]

Learn about Canada's Global Bid Opportunity Finder, an online tool that helps Canadian businesses find international bid opportunities.


Delivering Canada to the World [corporate brochure]

Discover our G2G contracting model and what products and services we offer to help deliver Canadian solutions to foreign governments.


Buy from Canada [DoD buyer brochure]

Learn how the U.S. DoD broadens their supply base and reduces their supply chain risk by buying products and services from Canada.


Sell to the U.S DoD [DoD exporter brochure]

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