Bermuda’s new airport takes off with Aecon Group and CCC

Read how the largest infrastructure project in Bermuda’s history was delivered using a G2G contract.

Terragon Environmental Technologies' U.S. DoD Success Story

Learn how this Canadian company delivered a waste and water management solution to the U.S. military.

Defence Production Sharing Agreement Guide for U.S. DoD Buyers

As a procurement officer, you have access to our procurement support at no cost. Learn more about the relevant regulations in the DPSA.

How to Write A Winning Tender Response Proposal

In this guide, learn how to submit a solicitation response to international public sector buyers.

CCC Defence and Security Buyers Manual

Learn about the our process to support Canadian businesses when pursuing defence and security opportunities.

Defence Acquisition Through Government of Canada

How we work with sovereign governments for acquisition of made-in-Canada defence and security solutions.

Adquisición de material de defensa a través del Gobierno de Canadá

La CCC puede firmar un contrato con la mayoría de los gobiernos soberanos para soluciones en material de defensa y seguridad.

إقتناء معدات الدفاع عن طريق احلكومة الكندية

الهيئة التجارية الكندية هي هيئة متلكها احلكومة الكندية وهي مسؤولة عن صفقات مبيعات تكنولوجيا الدفاع، األمن واخلبرات الكندية على أساس التعاقد املباشر بني احلكومات.

Simplified Acquisition Through the Government of Canada

How we support foreign governments with acquisition of information technology, social and economic public infrastructure.

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