Our Role in Sourcing Supply for Stabilization and Reconstruction

Recognized as a leader in contracting, procurement and project management, CCC works with the federal government to deliver Canada’s in-kind contributions to foreign recipients all around the world.

Responding to Government of Canada Aid Priorities

In 2007, we entered into a memorandum of understanding with Global Affairs Canada designed to deliver in-kind contributions to foreign recipients. By connecting the Government of Canada with trusted suppliers, we can quickly and efficiently deliver urgent equipment, supplies and training in rapidly changing environments.

For more information on our MOU with Global Affairs to support foreign aid delivery please contact: info@ccc.ca

How to Access Our Sourcing Service for Your Program

To find out how we can support your program for the delivery of in-kind contributions to recipient governments, please contact: info@ccc.ca

Our History in Foreign Aid Delivery

In 1946, CCC was created as a Crown Corporation by an Act of Parliament with a mandate to support the reconstruction of Europe following World War II, led by the U.S. under the Marshall Plan. Our aid-related projects include radium and health equipment for use in European hospitals. As the Government of Canada set up an independent agency for the delivery of foreign aid in 1968, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), our mandate expands to include all procurements for foreign aid delivery for the new agency.Over the past 60 years, CCC has delivered in-kind aid in the form of equipment, training and supplies around the globe. 

  • 1968 – 1978: CCC undertakes all procurements for foreign aid for the CIDA, formed in 1968. By 1972, CCC has signed new procurement agreements with Tanzania, Iran, Antigua, Chile and Grenada. By 1976, purchases on behalf of CIDA totaled $77.5 million.
  • 2001 – 2004: CCC provides pharmaceuticals to Zambia on behalf of CIDA.
  • In 2005, CCC worked on an emergency procurement to deliver international assistance to the African Union during the Sudan crisis. The project involved coordinating, training and supplying equipment to police forces from three separate nations. More recently, CCC developed an urgent procurement strategy with GAC to deliver helicopters, crew, maintenance and insurance to Sudan—in just 19 days from statement of work to final delivery.
  • In 2005, CCC provided equipment and training for the 5th annual Jeux de la Francophonie in Niamey, Niger. We worked closely with local NGOs to deliver necessary services, and launched a capacity building program to help local staff improve knowledge and skills in security, health, logistics and communications.
  • CCC organized the Caribbean Development Bank’s 2008 annual meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, handling all purchasing requirements including conference space, hotels, transportation and security.
  • Through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Government of Canada hosted the 52nd Annual Public Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Calgary, Alberta, in March 2011. On behalf of CIDA, CCC completed the contracting and procurement activities necessary to manage the logistics for this high-profile international event.
  • In 2011, CCC signed a memorandum of understanding with CIDA to manage a large-scale project for Haiti’s police force, including training and the building a new police academy.
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