Sourcing for Canadian Aid Delivery

We enable Government of Canada departments and agencies to successfully deliver in-kind foreign aid.

We are an executing agency for the Government of Canada’s humanitarian and military in kind foreign aid delivery. We leverage our international contracting expertise to support Global Affairs Canada and Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces to deliver on a wide range of initiatives, such as:

  • Delivering Canada’s military aid contribution to Ukraine
  • Providing urgent disaster relief support from Canada
  • Equipping governments to fight cross-border crime, such as
    fraud and human trafficking
  • Supporting international and domestic anti-terrorism efforts
  • Facilitating international endeavours, like scientific and
    medical collaboration programs.
Over the past 60 years, we have delivered in-kind aid in the form of equipment, training and supplies around the globe. 

Our 2022-2023 achievements


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Canadian jobs supported

Our history in foreign aid delivery


CCC was created as a Crown Corporation by an Act of Parliament with a mandate to support the reconstruction of Europe following World War II, led by the U.S. under the Marshall Plan. Our aid-related projects include radium and health equipment for use in European hospitals. 


As the Government of Canada set up an independent agency for the delivery of foreign aid, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), our mandate expands to include all procurements for foreign aid delivery for the new agency. 

By 1972, we had signed procurement agreements with Tanzania, Iran, Antigua, Chile and Grenada. In 1976, purchases by CCC on behalf of CIDA totaled $77.5 million.


In the first year of its three-year Zambia Pharmaceuticals project, we contracted the sale of $5 million in pharmaceuticals. We handled the procurement of goods and services with funding from donor agencies such as CIDA, ensuring that recipient governments received what they needed on the best terms possible.

We also continued our procurement role with two other organizations: the World Food Programme’s Food Aid Program, through which we purchase commodity products such as pulses, vegetable oil and fish for developing countries. In addition, we provided vitamin A capsules to be distributed to women and children in developing countries on behalf of the Micro-Nutrient Initiative, a non-governmental organization dedicated to nutrition and health.


CCC worked on an emergency procurement to deliver international assistance to the African Union during the Sudan crisis. The project involved coordinating, training and supplying equipment to police forces from three separate nations. For this initiative, we developed an urgent procurement strategy with our Government of Canada partners to deliver helicopters, crew, maintenance and insurance to Sudan—in just 19 days from statement of work to final delivery.

In total the Government of Canada provided approximately $2 million for five chartered helicopters to assist the African Union (AU) in carrying out its mission to help end the violence and human rights abuses in Darfur, Sudan.

In 2005, we also provided equipment and training for the 5th annual Jeux de la Francophonie in Niamey, Niger. We worked closely with local NGOs to deliver necessary services, and launched a capacity building program to help local staff improve knowledge and skills in security, health, logistics and communications.


We entered into a memorandum of understanding with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to deliver in-kind contributions to foreign recipients.  A large majority of the forecast activity was to support programs like the Global Partnership Program (GPP), Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP), Global Peace and Security Fund (GPSF) and the Counter Terrorism  Capacity Building Program (CTCBP). 


We organized the Caribbean Development Bank’s 2008 annual meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia which was attended by Caribbean heads of government, ministers of finance and development, governors of central banks, as well as representatives from international organizations and Canadian financial institutions. We handled all purchasing requirements including conference space, hotels, transportation and security.


As part of Canada’s response to the floods in Pakistan, CCC procured 20 temporary bridges from Mabey Bridge Limited, engaged with Pakistani officials to determine the best locations for the bridges, and worked with local populations to transport the structures. The efforts were part of the federal government’s START program, which aims to rapidly deploy humanitarian aid to devastated areas.

Through CIDA, the Government of Canada hosted the 52nd Annual Public Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Calgary, Alberta. We negotiated and managed the procurement contracts necessary to coordinate the logistics for this high-profile international event.

CCC also signed a memorandum of understanding with CIDA to manage a large-scale project for Haiti’s police force, including training and the building a new police academy.


In the wake of the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Western Africa, we assisted the World Health Organization (WHO) by organizing the delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) that had been donated by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), health Canada and eight Canadian provinces. We rapidly identified reputable global shipping providers with which we negotiated supply arrangement agreements for their collection and consolidation of approximately 18.5 million PPE items, located across Canada, for onward shipment to West Africa.


In 2017, 21 countries received in-kind support from the Government of Canada that were facilitated by our Sourcing services. To meet the need, we signed sourcing agreements with 43 exporters from across Canada. In 2017, we also signed sourcing services agreements with the National Research Council (NRC) and the Department of National Defence. 


As part of the Government of Canada’s response to the global pandemic, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and CCC contracted services to provide necessary products that can help protect against COVID-19.

CCC delivered N95 respirator masks to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, which in turn distributed the masks to African member states with the greatest need. CCC also provided Personal Protective Equipment to ASEAN partners, including surgical masks for the ASEAN Secretariat and N95 masks for Brunei, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.


As part of the Government of Canada’s assistance to Ukraine, CCC is working with Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence to provide timely and effective sourcing of military equipment, including specialized military equipment, for the Ukrainian government.

CCC has a long-established Sourcing service that it makes available to Government of Canada entities, to help deliver in-kind aid to foreign governments. By connecting federal entities with qualified suppliers, CCC quickly and efficiently delivers equipment, supplies and services in rapidly changing environments.

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