Mark Dienesch

President of National Logistics Services (NLS)                                                        Mississauga, Ontario

Mark Dienesch is a seasoned, C-Suite leader, with expertise in commercial business development, digital transformation, organizational design and strategy development across a broad range of business sectors. With over 24 years of business and strategy development experience, his background includes leadership positions with supply chain solutions providers, GE Capital, News Corporation and iMD Health Global and ehealth software development company.

Mr. Dienesch is currently the President of National Logistics Services (NLS), accountable for delivering the commercial and operational success of the company and leading highly engaged team members focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Prior to NLS, Mr. Dienesch served as the Chief Commercial Officer at VersaCold Logistics Services, Canada’s largest supplier of temperature sensitive supply chain and logistics services, where he provided commercial leadership across VersaCold’s integrated services offering, which combined warehousing, transportation, 3rd-party logistics and distributor services.

Mr. Dienesch was appointed to CCC’s Board of Directors on March 31, 2023.

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