CCC’s Code for Exporters

CCC is committed to operating responsibly, transparently, and ethically in line with our ESG Strategy and commitment to responsible business conduct. We also expect the same of the Exporters we work with.

CCC’s Code for Exporters outlines various performance standards in the areas of anti-bribery and corruption, human rights and environmental protection. CCC encourages Exporters to adopt policies and practices in these areas and cascade the principles through their supply chain. This means upholding these values in actions and operations. We understand the importance of being able to report concerns and therefore encourage all stakeholders to raise reports of potential wrongdoing in relation to CCC projects.

Privacy Notice

The personal information collected on this form is included in Personal Information Bank CCC-PSU-906 – Disclosure of Wrongdoing in the Workplace. It may be used to be used to assess, investigate, report or resolve alleged wrongdoing, and it may be shared with human resources, internal security officials or law enforcement. Refusal to provide your name or contact information may affect CCC’s ability to properly address your disclosure. CCC handles all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. For more information about your rights under the Act or how to submit a privacy complaint, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

If you have a instance of potential wrongdoing to disclose, please contact:

Kamilia Saad
Legal Counsel, Compliance
[email protected]

Our related policies and guidelines are available here.

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