2023 report highlights Canada’s aerospace leadership

September 5, 2023

Ottawa, CANADA – The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC), in partnership with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) have released their latest report on the state of Canada’s aerospace industry and its leading position on the global stage.

The State of Canada’s Aerospace Industry Report found that Aerospace revenues, jobs, and GDP increased for the first time in Canada since 2019, the industry maintained its number one R&D ranking among all Canadian manufacturing industries in 2022 and that Canada is the only country that ranked in the top five across civil flight simulators, engines, and aircraft sub-segments.

On the global stage, Canada ranks:

  • 1st for civil flight simulators, turboprop engines, and helicopter engines
  • 2nd for business jets
  • 3rd for turbofan engines and general aviation
  • 4th for large jets and helicopters and
  • 5th for regional aircraft, reflecting the country’s investment, innovation and expertise in the aerospace industry.

The State of Canada’s Aerospace Industry Report also detailed the economic impact of Canadian aerospace manufacturing industry which is responsible for close to $18.7B in exports of which 58 percent was for aerospace supply chain (engines, parts and components, avionics, landing gear), 32 percent for aircraft, 6 percent for flight simulators, and 4 percent for helicopters.

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The report also details Canada’s main aerospace MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) services which had a $9.3B impact on the Canadian GDP in 2022 and includes services such as:

  • Aircraft heavy maintenance, servicing and repairing
  • Aircraft engines maintenance, servicing and repairing
  • Aircraft components and other systems maintenance, servicing and repairing
  • Aircraft inspection services and
  • Aircraft testing services.

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