CCC, Soucy Techno supply rubber Kevlar composite to U.S. Army

April 30, 2024

Ottawa, CANADA – CCC is pleased to announce that it was awarded a contract by the United States Department of Defense (U.S. DoD) to supply the U.S. Army with T-107 Ground Side Kevlar Rubber manufactured by Soucy Techno.

Based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Soucy Techno specializes in the production of rubber compounds and polyethylene-based color concentrates. Its T-107 is a patented rubber compound that uses Kevlar® fibers and nanotube technology to create an ultra-strong reinforcing network that is extremely dynamic, flexible, durable and lightweight.

The U.S. Army will use the T-107 to rebuild the rubber track blocks of armoured vehicles. Through a vulcanization process, it will be bonded to the metal pieces of track block into a solid state. The T-107 is on the Qualified Products List (QPL) of the U.S Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), making it a go-to product for the U.S. military.

CCC is the designated contracting authority for purchases by the U.S. DoD from Canada worth USD $250,000 or more. Through its U.S. DoD Prime Contractor service, CCC partners with Canadian businesses like Soucy Techno to supply the U.S. DoD with made in Canada solutions. To learn more, contact the CCC team.



“CCC is proud to provide the U.S. military this revolutionary rubber compound developed and manufactured in Canada by Soucy Techno.” – Diane Montambault, VP of Operations, CCC. 

“Composite rubber tracks have proved themselves in the harshest of environments and we’re pleased to help the U.S. Army use this reliable alternative to conventional steel tracks.” – François Bédard, General Manager, Soucy Techno.


About CCC

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