CCC, Team Canada lead trade mission to Dominican Republic

November 3, 2021

Ottawa, Canada – On October 18, 2021, CCC’s President and CEO, Bobby Kwon, joined a Canadian delegation of public and private sector representatives for a three-day trade mission to the Dominican Republic. The multisectoral mission was organized by the Dominican Republic Embassy in Canada to enhance bilateral relations between the two countries.

The highlight of the trade mission was a Team Canada meeting with the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, to help position qualified Canadian companies for opportunities in the country.

The team was a whole-of-government commercial advocacy collaboration that included CCC’s President and CEO, Bobby Kwon, Canadian Ambassador, Christine Laberge, and Export Development Canada, Regional VP Gregory Trippenbach. Bobby underscored during meeting that CCC values the confidence the Government of the Dominican Republic has demonstrated in Canadian expertise and technology.

Among the available opportunities in the Dominican Republic, CCC is currently working to finalize a government to government agreement to build the second phase of the Guajimia project with Corporación del Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Santo Domingo  – the Water and Sewerage Agency of Great Santo Domingo. Once completed, this sanitation project will positively impact the quality of life of 300,000 people in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Kwon’s trip was part of CCC’s strategy to foster and expand Canada’s commercial relationship with the Dominican Republic, in particular in the Water, Wastewater and Sanitation, Infrastructure, and Aerospace sectors.

To that end, Mr. Kwon also met:

  • Victor Bisono Haza, Minister of Industry, Trade and SMEs
  • Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Diaz Morfa, Minister of Defence
  • Sigmund Freund, Executive Director of the Public Private Partnership Agency
  • Wellington Arnaud Bisono, Executive Director of INAPA (National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewerage)
  • Jesus Vasquez, Minister of Interior and Police

As a follow-up to this successful trade mission, CCC is working closely with Global Affairs Canada (Trade Commissioner Service) to make the pertinent introductions between qualified Canadian firms and the relevant agencies in the Dominican Republic to explore tangible opportunities.

If you are a Canadian exporter of technology and expertise that may be of interest of the Caribbean region or if you are a government organization looking to explore Canadian expertise, contact CCC to learn more about how the Government of Canada can help you advance your goals.

Quick facts

  • Government to government (G2G) contracts are agreements between government entities for the purchase of products, services, or solutions of public importance.
  • CCC signs G2G contracts (International Prime Contractor) with national and subnational governments, as well as agencies and state-owned enterprises.
  • A key differentiator of all CCC G2G contracts is a guarantee of contract performance from the Government of Canada.
  • Between 2012 and 2022, CCC signed $23 billion worth of G2G contracts.

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