CCC to purchase winter gear for DND delivery to Armed Forces of Ukraine

November 17, 2022

Ottawa, CANADA – During a virtual meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG), Defence Minister Anita Anand announced details of Canada’s latest tranche of military support for Ukraine, which includes up to $10 million to provide additional winter gear to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to be provided by the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC).

In Defence Minister Anita Anand’s announcement, Canada will provide approximately $34 million in additional military aid to Ukraine which includes:

  • Approximately $5 million to continue providing critical satellite imagery to the AFU;
  • More than $18 million for additional, high-resolution drone cameras; and,
  • up to $10 million to provide additional winter gear to support the AFU, including portable heaters, thermal blankets and sleeping bags sourced from Canadian companies through the Canadian commercial Corporation.

Following Minister Anand’s commitment to provide 500, 000 items of winter gear and clothing, contracts have been signed with 11 Canadian companies and deliveries are underway. These companies include L.P. Royer Inc.; Kamik Canada Inc.; Stanfield’s Limited; Canadian Tire / Mark’s Work Wearhouse; True North Style; Calco (Canada) Inc.; Superior Glove Works Limited; Quartz Nature Inc.; Modes Moose Inc. (aka Moose Knuckles); Wooly Mammoth Outerwear Inc. (aka Wuxly) and Dristex. These deliveries of winter clothing, which includes jackets, pants, boots, gloves, and parkas, will be complete before the end of November.

CCC will deliver the winter gear through its Sourcing service which assists Canadian government departments deliver in-kind foreign aid to recipient governments. CCC’s deep procurement expertise, international trade experience, and ability to undertake due diligence on Canadian suppliers, enables it to fulfill complex purchasing needs. CCC has supported Government of Canada priorities such as providing urgent and emergency disaster relief, supplying equipment to help foreign governments to fight cross-border crime, and facilitating Canada’s in-kind contributions in other international endeavours.

If you are a Canadian government department looking to deliver in-kind foreign aid to recipients around the world, contact CCC to learn more about how we can be your program execution partner.



  • “Canada’s commitment to providing Ukraine with comprehensive military aid is unwavering. With today’s announcement, Canada has committed over $1 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine, and our Canadian Armed Forces continue to transport aid, as well as train their Ukrainian counterparts under Op UNIFIER. Ukraine’s military has made incredible progress reclaiming ground and Canada’s military contributions have been integral in their counter offensive to-date. The $500 million in new military aid announced today will ensure that we continue to meet Ukraine’s military momentum with the military aid that it needs to fight and win.” The Hon. Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence


Quick facts

  • The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is Canada’s government-to-government contracting agency and has been a partner for the delivery of in-kind aid to Ukraine. It also acts as a channel for allied governments for acquisitions from Canada.
  • The Government of Canada also covers costs associated with the delivery of aid to Ukraine.


About CCC

We are Canada’s government to government contracting agency. We help build successful commercial relationships between Canadian businesses and governments around the world through our government to government contracting approach. We are also the Government of Canada’s designated contracting authority for U.S. DoD requirements from Canada. To learn more about how we have facilitated billions in trade between Canadian businesses and governments in over 30 countries, visit

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