CCC to support Canada’s Critical Mineral Strategy

December 14, 2022

Ottawa, CANADA – As part of its Critical Mineral Strategy, the Government of Canada has tasked business development organizations such as Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), Business Development Bank of Canada, and Export Development Canada (EDC) to support its initiative to establish and maintain resilient critical minerals value chains that adhere to the highest ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) standards.

The global demand for critical minerals and the manufactured products they go into is required to increase significantly in the coming decades to enable transition to a green and digital economy. With its vast resources and manufacturing capacity, Canada is well positioned to become a secure and reliable supplier of critical minerals and value-added products for global markets.

To ensure that Canada remains competitive and builds the foundations for a sustainable economy, the government has developed a Critical Mineral Strategy which lays the path for building a sustainable industrial base to support emission-reducing supply chains that will address climate change for generations to come.

The Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy addresses five core objectives:

  1. supporting economic growth, competitiveness, and job creation;
  2. promoting climate action and environmental protection;
  3. advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples;
  4. fostering diverse and inclusive workforces and communities; and
  5. enhancing global security and partnerships with allies.

These objectives will be achieved by focusing on six areas of focus:

  1. driving research, innovation, and exploration;
  2. accelerating project development;
  3. building sustainable infrastructure;
  4. advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples;
  5. growing a diverse workforce and prosperous communities; and
  6. strengthening global leadership and security.

While critical minerals represent the greatest opportunity to fuel Canadian domestic manufacturing, there is value to be captured by increasing exports. As part of its mandate, CCC is ready to assist Canadian businesses involved in the critical minerals supply chain to export their products and solutions through government to government (G2G) contracts with departments, ministries, and state-owned enterprises of allied governments.

The United States military is talking to Canadian miners about potentially funding some critical minerals projects in Canada, the latest evidence of President Joe Biden’s administration’s commitment to cutting its reliance on China for the metals needed to build defence equipment and expand the electric vehicle (EV) market. As the U.S. DoD’s official contractor for  purchases from Canada, we are tracking this developing market opportunity closely.

Cleantech is a priority sector for CCC, and we are ready to help Canadian exporters get recognized for their innovation and leadership. Learn more about Canada’s Critical Mineral Strategy and contact CCC if you are looking to negotiate contracts with governments outside of Canada.


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