CCC visits Cuba to strengthen trade relations with Canada

January 19, 2023

Ottawa, CANADA – Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) Vice President Diane Montambault met with Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Ms. Josefina Vidal on January 10, 2023, as part of a trade visit to Cuba to help strengthen trade relations with Canada. Ms. Montambault whose responsibilities include the administration of CCC’s Cuba Prime Contractor Service travelled with a team of trade experts to reinforce CCC’s commitment to the Cuban market. The visit comes at an important time in Cuba’s economy, which continues to face significant challenges, but also presents opportunities as the tourism sector emerges from the pandemic.

“Canada is already Cuba’s second-biggest supplier of foreign investment, and there’s commitment on both sides to do even more,” said Diane Montambault, Vice President of Contract Management and Operations at CCC.

Through a unique government-to-government contracting mechanism, CCC has helped Canadian exporters provide the Government of Cuba with a variety of consumer goods and services that have supported the island nation’s agricultural and tourism sectors. CCC looks forward to continuing its strong bilateral commercial relationship with the Government of Cuba, helping to strengthen the Cuban economy through increasing international trade with Canada.

Since 1991, CCC’s Cuba Prime Contracting Service has successfully connected Canadian exporters with Cuban customers, resulting in a cumulative contract value of over $1 billion. The majority of the program’s customers are SMEs spread across Canada.

To learn more about the Cuba Contracting Program and how can CCC help, contact us.


Quick facts

  • Canada and Cuba have a well-established and significant commercial and investment relationship. Over 1 million Canadians visited the island every year before the pandemic.
  • Cuba is Canada’s top market in the Caribbean/Central American sub-region, and is Canada’s largest merchandise export market in that region.


About CCC

We are Canada’s government to government contracting agency. We help build successful commercial relationships between Canadian businesses and governments around the world through our government to government contracting approach. We are also the Government of Canada’s designated ​contracting authority for U.S. DoD requirements from Canada. To learn more about how we have facilitated billions in trade between Canadian businesses and governments in over 30 countries, visit


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