NorthStar Signs Agreement with CCC to Facilitate International Trade

June 17, 2019

PARIS, June 17, 2019 – NorthStar Earth and Space Inc. (“NorthStar”), a Canadian tech company developing the world’s first comprehensive Earth and Space information services platform, has signed an Advisory Services Agreement (“Agreement”) with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (“CCC”) to enable CCC to provide targeted assistance to NorthStar in its early engagements with prospective international government buyers. Working together, NorthStar and CCC will explore opportunities to familiarize international governments with NorthStar’s proposed Earth Observation and Space Situational Awareness information services, and with CCC’s unique government-to-government contracting services.

Stewart Bain, CEO of NorthStar Earth & Space, commented “We thank the government of Canada and the CCC for their support. Working with an organization like CCC helps Canadian innovators like NorthStar facilitate engagement with international governments as we accelerate our growth and work towards our goal of empowering humanity to preserve our planet.”

NorthStar will empower governments, industry and citizens around the world to make better informed decisions related to our environment in space and on earth. Through active client engagement, NorthStar is currently performing simulations and developing applications that will transform the way governments assess risk, enforce regulations and make decisions, to foster the sustainable development of our planet and deliver a safe and secure near-space environment for the global satellite community.

CCC is a Crown corporation of the Government of Canada and trusted international contracting expert that facilitates trade through sales from Canadian businesses to foreign governments.  Through both advisory services and its government contracting model, CCC works with international trade and financing partner organizations to help Canadian companies reduce risk and increase their exports – driving Canada’s economic growth and helping to create jobs for Canadians.
CCC President and CEO Martin Zablocki noted that “CCC is delighted to help innovative Canadian companies like NorthStar.  Our ability to help Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) increase their exports through sales to international governments is a priority for CCC and for Canada.”

When fully operational, NorthStar anticipates creating an estimated 400 highly-skilled direct jobs and 1200 indirect jobs related to Big Data and Information Analytics.  In addition, the design, manufacture, and launch, targeted for 2021, of the proposed NorthStar LEO constellation will support the expansion of aerospace, satellite design and sensor technology industries in Canada and abroad.

This agreement to provide NorthStar with CCC advisory services builds on NorthStar’s relationships with existing partners, including the Governments of Canada and Quebec, each of which has invested or committed C$13 million to date. Private partners include Telesystem Space Inc. of Montreal, the majority shareholder, and the Space Alliance of Europe. Formed by Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space, the Space Alliance is a strategic partnership between Leonardo and Thales, the major industrial groups in the aerospace industry of Italy and France.

About NorthStar
Starting in 2021 and based on a satellite constellation equipped with Hyperspectral, Infrared and Optical sensors, the NorthStar platform will operate continuously from space, imaging, digitizing and analyzing the details of Earth’s ecosystems and surrounding orbit on a daily basis. NorthStar will use advanced big data analysis and AI based predictive analytics to deliver contextualized information solutions directly to end users in the private and public sectors, providing critical knowledge about Earth and its orbital environment.

Transforming traditional Earth Observation into Earth Information and Intelligence (EI2), NorthStar’s proposed system will be the first to analyze all matter on the surface of the Earth multiple times per day, delivering knowledge of the Earth at a level of precision, richness and timeliness never before available and provide actionable information to end clients.

NorthStar will be the first commercial space-based SSA platform to deliver near real-time high fidelity tracking services elevating traditional SSA to the level of Space Information & Intelligence (SI2). NorthStar will accurately predict collisions and, by data fusion with ground based SSA systems, will serve as a unifying data source to validate, calibrate, and improve, the performance of all SSA services.


SOURCE: NorthStar Earth & Space Inc.

About CCC
CCC is Canada’s government-to-government contracting organization.

CCC supports the growth of international trade by helping Canadian exporters gain access to foreign government procurement markets. Through a unique government-to-government contracting approach, CCC positions qualified Canadian exporters to win international contracts with governments abroad, while significantly reducing the risks associated with foreign procurement. As well, CCC’s commercial advocacy, collaborative project development and foreign contracting expertise help Canadian exporters and foreign government buyers reduce procurement risk in key markets, including aerospace, defence & public safety, information & communication technologies, infrastructure, and clean tech.

For more information:
NorthStar:  [email protected]
CCC:  [email protected]

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Stewart Bain, CEO, NorthStar
Martin Zablocki, President and CEO, CCC


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