Support for Ukraine statement from Bobby Kwon, CCC President and CEO

March 21, 2022

“We are deeply saddened by the suffering of the Ukrainian people, and we share the commitment of the Government of Canada to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia.

As part of the Government of Canada’s assistance to Ukraine, the Canadian Commercial Corporation is working with Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence to provide timely and effective sourcing of military equipment for the Ukrainian government.

CCC has a long-established Sourcing service that it makes available to Government of Canada entities, to help deliver in-kind aid to foreign governments. By connecting federal entities with qualified suppliers, CCC quickly and efficiently delivers equipment, supplies and services in rapidly changing environments.

CCC is currently helping Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence to source defensive military equipment to respond to needs identified by the Government of Ukraine, including specialized military equipment.

Canada and Ukraine enjoy a close bilateral relationship that spans cooperation on security, defence, and trade. CCC remains steadfast in bolstering these ties.”


About CCC 

CCC is Canada’s government to government contracting agency. We help build successful commercial relationships between Canadian businesses and governments around the world through our government to government contracting approach. We are also the Government of Canada’s designated contracting authority for U.S. DoD requirements from Canada. To learn more about how we have facilitated billions in trade between Canadian businesses and governments around the world, visit 


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