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We look after the whole person

In today’s competitive employment market, you’re looking for both financial compensation and a package of other benefits that can significantly enhance your overall work experience. That’s why CCC offers a comprehensive benefits package as well as competitive salaries.  From skills development to work-life balance to a sense of purpose, these professional benefits play a vital role in creating a meaningful professional career at CCC.

What we offer you


We offer transparent salary ranges, generous annual leave, merit-based annual salary increases (where applicable), and performance bonuses. 

Pension plan

Prepare for your future with our Public Service Pension Plan (defined benefits) including benefits to your eligible survivor and children and paid retirement planning seminars twice during your career. 

Health benefits

We’ve got you covered with extensive health benefits as part of the Public Service Health Care Plan plus dental benefits, and life insurance coverage for you and your family. 

Hybrid work environment

Enjoy flexible work arrangements to support a hybrid environment including a beautiful downtown office space with shared desks and meeting rooms plus a home office allowance of $500 every three years.

Health and wellness

Feel supported with mental health resources including a $500 annual Health and Wellness Allowance, an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and access to a free onsite fitness centre.

Learning and development

Take advantage of in-house learning and development opportunities with up to $3000 annually accessible to you for your training and development and cross-departmental career growth opportunities.

Hear from our employees

The teams at CCC​

At CCC, we value teamwork and recognize the importance of each team’s contributions. Each team has a unique set of responsibilities and plays a vital role in the success of CCC. Explore how each team fits into the big picture and how we work together to achieve our goals.

Builds new Canadian exporter and foreign government buyer relationships for our International Prime Contractor Service. Through partnerships and negotiations, our team works with Canadian exporters to secure contracts with government buyers around the world.

Manages the CCC brand, public and media relations, content strategy, social media, and the website. The team creates marketing campaigns and works with internal partners to shape customer experience via our voice of the customer program.

Oversees Canadian exporters’ performance on international contracts with government buyers, ensuring delivery and payment. The team ensures equitable access to U.S. DoD procurement and provides expertise to help Canadian exporters navigate this complex market. They also deliver our Sourcing program to help the Government of Canada deliver in-kind foreign aid to governments abroad.

Provides strategic advice to Senior management and the Board of Directors and leads corporate reporting to Global Affairs Canada, Central Agencies, the Board of Directors, and to Parliament. They maintain government relationships to demonstrate transparency and accountability in our operations.

Refers, advises, and onboards new potential customers for both our U.S. DoD Prime/DPSA and International Prime/IPC sales funnels. They also provide advisory services to develop potential customers to pursue sales to foreign governments.

Responsible for financial management and all internal and external financial reporting, Canadian and international taxation reporting, financial compliance, and financial and transactional quality assurance.

Builds our employer brand to attract, engage and retain top talent. From interviewing to career progression, they work with managers to design development opportunities as an investment to our success. The team’s mission is to create a results-focused, respectful, and exciting work environment and build flexible work-from-home arrangements that meet employees’ expectations.

Supports CCC by leveraging technology solutions to help us work smarter. They lead the IM/IT Digital Transformation Strategy that includes a Cloud Strategy, Information Management, Business Technology Optimization, Mobile Workforce and Cyber Security programs.

Center of expertise for commercial law, contract structuring and negotiation, and contract dispute resolution. They are the centre of expertise for Access to Information and Privacy and Responsible Business Conduct and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, ensuring we operate with the integrity and transparency expected of a Crown corporation.

Stewards of CCC’s enterprise risk management program, ensuring that risks to  corporate plan performance are identified and managed and annual business plans are risk assessed. They promote a risk-aware culture through management training and by promoting cross-organization dialogue around risk.

Oversees purchasing activities that align with Canadian expectations, CCC’s principles and values, and its code of conduct and business ethics. They ensure adherence to CCC’s policy, legislation, rules, and regulations.

Our Culture

We recognize that creating opportunities for employees to connect with one another, especially in a hybrid work environment, is extremely important. That’s why we host activities and events to promote a social atmosphere at work.

Activities that you could be a part of include:

  • Running and walking clubs
  • Golf tournaments
  • Chili cook-off
  • Skating on the canal
  • Amazing race 
  • Team-building days 
  • Rewards and recognition event

Employees also enjoy corporation-wide parties, BBQs, and charitable events.

Our Commitment

Leveling the playing field

We are committed to establishing equal opportunities in employment and has the goal of achieving and maintaining a representative workforce. To that end, we are working to identify and remove any barriers in employment including its recruitment, hiring, training, and promotion practices.

Diversity is our strength

We are also committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment that enables and encourages all employees, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or disability, to recognize the value of their inherent similarities and differences, and to respect the related beliefs and behaviors of others, resulting in an atmosphere of acceptance and a workplace unencumbered by diversity issues.

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