Viking Air: Manufacturer of Series 400 Twin Otter Utility Aircraft

Viking Air is the manufacturer of the world-renowned Series 400 Twin Otter and a leader in utility aircraft services. This Canadian company has been using CCC’s services to set up government to government (G2G) contracts with governments in Latin America for the sale of its aircraft, services and training. 

Read about Viking Air’s success in using our International Prime Contractor program to win two successful G2G opportunities.


About Viking Air

Viking Air is a global leader in utility aircraft services, and the manufacturer of the world-renowned Series 400 Twin Otter. Incorporated in 1970, Viking Air Limited began as a parts and modification facility working on the Grumman family of aircraft. After specializing in flying boats for over a decade, the company switched focus in 1983 when De Havilland Inc. selected Viking as their exclusive spare parts manufacturer and distributor for the De Havilland DHC-2 Mk I Beaver, Mk III Turbo Beaver, and DHC-3 Single Otter aircraft.

The shift to De Havilland aircraft allowed Viking to develop the repair and modification business, which helped to increase the company’s experience and knowledge of De Havilland products. During this time, Viking also maximized its manufacturing facility to diversify product offerings and undertake contract parts manufacture for Boeing, Bell Helicopter Textron, Lockheed Martin and Bombardier Aerospace.

In 2006, Viking Air became the Original Type Certificate holder for all out-of-production de Havilland aircraft, DHC-1 through the DHC-7, and now provides exclusive spare parts manufacturing and product support for the legacy de Havilland fleet. In 2007 Viking launched the Twin Otter Series 400 production program, and to date new Viking aircraft have sold to 30 countries worldwide.

Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Viking is managed by Longview Aviation Capital and is one of the leading investors in the Canadian aviation industry.  [February 2022 Update] De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited is now the operating brand for Longview Aviation, Viking Air, Pacific Sky Training and De Havilland Canada.

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Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft sold to Fuerza Aerea del Peru. Source: Viking Air.

Viking'sTwin Otter aircraft in air

Viking has been providing factory-new spare parts and hands-on technical support to the Peru Air Force under the Maintenance Plus program since 2016. Source: Viking Air. Photo credit Katsuhiko Tokunaga.

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Peruvian Air Force Buys 12 Twin Otters through G2G

In 2010, the Peruvian government entered into an intergovernmental or government to government (G2G) contract with CCC for the purchase of twelve Viking Air Series 400 Twin Otters for the Peruvian Air Force.

The 19-passenger aircraft are configured with both land gear and floats for carrying out various missions in remote areas including remote jungles of the Amazon headwaters to the high mountains of the Andes. The contract not only included aircraft but also training, spares and equipment.

At the time, David Curtis, Viking Air President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We are extremely proud to have the Peruvian Air Force (Fuerza Aerea del Peru) as a new Series 400 customer. With this acquisition Peru will become the largest government operator of the Twin Otter, with a total of seventeen aircraft including the five legacy aircraft in their current fleet.”

Follow-up contracts 

Viking Air continues to have a relationship with the Fuerza Aerea del Peru (FAP). In 2016, the company entered into a multi-year contract for the comprehensive support of the Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft operating in the Amazonian region of north-east Peru. The contract streamlines the procurement of spare parts and enables seamless technical support.

In 2017, Peru Air Force became the first operator to select a full flight training package utilizing the new Twin Otter Series 400 “Level D” Flight Simulator program offered through Viking’s sister company, Pacific Sky Aviation.

According to Michael Coughlin, CEO of Pacific Sky
Aviation during the contract announcement, “this innovative technology will
provide state-of-the-art simulator training options for pilots wanting to
perfect takeoffs, landings and docking operations through a range of sea states
and weather conditions. This realistic and safe seaplane simulation environment
will in turn reduce the time and cost to develop seaplane captains.”

In 2020, Viking Air renewed its contract with the Peruvian Air Force for comprehensive Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft support for another five years under Viking’s Maintenance Plus (M+) Program.

The Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement was the second Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed by Canada in 2008 and Canada’s fifth FTA with countries of the Americas. Parallel accords on environmental and labour cooperation are also in force. Learn more. 

Expanding into Argentina with CCC

Viking Air’s success in Latin America with CCC’s support did not end in Peru. In 2019, CCC’s expertise in international contracting facilitated the sale of a Viking Air Limited (Viking) DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft to Argentina’s Federal Police.

The transaction on behalf of Viking, flowed out of the 2011 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Security of Argentina and CCC for the acquisition of security equipment. The G2G contract between CCC and the Argentinian Federal Police, reduced procurement risk and enabled the country to quickly acquire a custom aircraft to address its safety and security needs.

Patricia Bullrich, Minister of Security, Government of Argentina at the time of the purchase said, “this aircraft is a key instrument for the fight against organized crime, against drug trafficking, and can also be utilized as a medical evacuation aircraft and help against natural disasters providing wildfire suppression support.”

“Viking has worked with CCC on numerous sales. Their international contracting expertise is essential when it comes to helping Canadian exporters close deals with foreign governments.”

CCC Signs Sales Deal with Argentina’s Federal Police for Viking Series 400 Twin Otter Aircraft

 Source: Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

Viking Air aircraft for Fuerza Aerea Argentina (Argentina Air Force)


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Last updated: July 2022

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