CCC helps Canadian companies sell goods to Cuba

­Canadian exporters, particularly small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), benefit from CCC’s long standing activity in Cuba. Since 1991, the CCC Cuba Contracting Program has helped successfully match Cuban customers with Canadian exporters resulting in a cumulative contract value of over $1 billion.

The CCC Cuba Contracting Program supports Canadian exporters providing goods and services to Cuba’s sugar and tourism sectors, which are critical revenue-generating industries for the Cuban economy. CCC’s contracts are structured as revolving contracts with Cuban buyers to support annual purchasing requirements, a model which differs from CCC’s traditional contracts which are negotiated on a project specific basis.

The CCC Cuba Contracting Program also streamlines the procurement process by matching Cuban procurement needs with Canadian sources of supply and helping to resolve contractual issues that may arise. The majority of the program’s customers are SMEs, for whom CCC plays a very active role in connecting with Cuban buyers.

Partners that Work with CCC

Acting as a Prime Contractor, CCC streamlines the procurement processes by effectively matching Cuban procurement needs with Canadian sources of supply. CCC works closely with key partners including Export Development Canada (EDC) and National Bank Canada (NBC) on all transactions. CCC also operates contracting facilities with two state-owned companies responsible for import-financing operations related to the sugar (ARCAZ) and tourism (FINTUR) sectors.

Benefits of Working with CCC 

The benefits of the CCC Cuba Contracting Program are diverse and include:

  • Expedited acquisition process on a government-to-government basis
  • Reduced acquisition risk
  • Mitigation of project risk and assurance of ethical business practices
  • Focus on supporting Canadian SMEs

Requirements for Working with CCC

  1. Canadian benefit evaluated based on program requirements
  2. Special facility for 100% Canadian content
  3. CCC certification process based on managerial, technical and financial assessment
  4. Other requirements include MINCEX number and approval from the Cuban buying entity