The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) offers commercial advocacy, collaborative project development and foreign contracting expertise to help Canadian exporters secure international contracts with government buyers around the world.

CCC is Canada’s Government to Government Contracting Organization.

CCC supports the growth of international trade by helping Canadian exporters gain access to foreign government procurement markets. Through a government to government contracting approach, CCC positions qualified Canadian exporters to win international contracts with governments abroad while significantly reducing the risks associated with foreign procurement.

CCC is also a trusted partner of foreign government buyers seeking Canadian solutions. CCC offers its services when a government to government contracting approach may help meet sensitive or urgent acquisition needs that can’t be filled through competitive tendering, ensure projects get delivered as promised, or reduce the risk of bribery or corruption during the procurement process. 

CCC’s commitment to corporate social responsibility ensures it operates in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner when working with Canadian exporters and foreign governments. 

CCC Acts as Prime Contractor for Foreign Government Purchases from Canada.

As prime contractor, CCC signs and manages contracts with foreign governments for purchases from Canadian suppliers. Every contract signed has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada, providing foreign government buyers with the assurance that the contract will be delivered per the agreed terms and conditions, guaranteed. 

CCC signs a sub-contract and flows the contractual commitments through to the qualified Canadian exporter. As the Canadian exporter fulfils its obligations under the contract, CCC takes on all performance oversight and financial administration of the contract. 

CCC Offers a Whole-of-Government Approach to Government to Government Contracting.

To help Canadian exporters better meet the needs of their foreign government buyers, our international contracting expertise is complemented by the support of Canada’s export credit agency, Export Development Canada, as well as the commercial diplomacy of Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service

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