CCC helps Canadian companies in all sectors access U.S. DoD contracts.

Are you a Canadian exporter looking to win U.S. military contracts? Download our free guide to find out how we can help you enter the world’s largest defence market.

The United States is the largest defence buyer in the world, making it a vital foreign market for Canadian defence companies that want to sell internationally. CCC has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for more than 65 years to strengthen the North American defence industrial base by keeping the market for U.S. military contracts open to Canadian exporters. 

We can help your company export defence technologies, products and services to the U.S. As the prime contractor for U.S. DoD procurements from Canada, we manage an average of $1 billion in U.S. DoD contracts with Canadian suppliers each year.

How can CCC help me win U.S. DoD contracts?

Under the Canada–U.S. Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA), Canadian companies have almost full access to U.S. military procurement opportunities. The U.S. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS 225.870) also levels the playing field for Canadian exporters accessing U.S. DoD contracts.

Where innovative technologies and products are required, a consortium of industry and academic innovators in a similar technology area may team up to deliver commercial solutions that meet U.S. DoD requirements. These consortia can sometimes leverage “Other Transaction Authority (OTA),” a flexible and agile option that can help U.S. DoD contracting officers streamline and speed up the acquisition process.  OTA allows DoD to contract certain prototype, research and development projects to OT consortia and non-traditional defense contractors outside of the typical U.S. contracting regulations (i.e., Federal Acquisition Regulations).

Canadian companies can learn more about OTA contracting by accessing the U.S. DoD OT Guide.  Further, when dealing with an OT consortium, Canadian companies should provide consortium officials with a copy of the March 2019 memo from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense that provides “Clarifications on the Other Transactions Guide from November 2018 and non-traditional defense contractors supplies and services”.  This memo explains that Canadian companies can be considered for OT consortium opportunities.

Where can I learn more about U.S. military contract regulations?

Here are links to the key regulations, policies and standards related to U.S. DoD contracts and military procurement through CCC:

Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA) Stipulates that U.S. DoD contracts with Canadian suppliers valued over USD $150,000 will be awarded to CCC.
Defence Development Sharing Agreement (DDSA) Promotes joint U.S.–Canadian funding of research and development projects involving Canadian companies and the U.S. DoD.
North American Technology and Industrial Base Organization (NATIBO) Promotes an integrated North American defence industrial base that serves the security needs of both Canada and the U.S.
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Outlines the U.S. policies and procedures regulating defence procurement and acquisitions.
DFARS 225.870 Stipulates that most U.S. DoD purchases from Canada over USD $150,000 must be awarded to CCC.
DFARS 225.870-1(a) Ensures all commitments, obligations and covenants of CCC under any contract are guaranteed by the Government of Canada
DFARS 225.872-1 Waives the provisions of the Buy America Act for Canadian materials and suppliers used in defence goods and services.
DFARS 252.225-7013 Provides duty-free entry of Canadian supplies being delivered to the U.S. DoD.
U.S. DoD Instruction 2035.01 Outlines the principles of economic cooperation with Canada and the importance of an integrated North American defence industrial base, and re-iterates the instruction to give equal consideration to American and Canadian suppliers. 
U.S DoD Other Transaction (OT) GuideProvides advice and lessons learned on OTs (including Research, Prototype and Production OT agreements)
U.S. DoD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense OT clarification memoClarifies that Canadian companies can be considered for other transaction (OT) consortium opportunities
FedBizOpps Provides a searchable database of current business opportunities with the U.S. government.
NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE) A unique, five-character ID code used by the U.S. DoD for the registration of all suppliers.
DD FORM 2345 A registration form for the U.S.–Canada Joint Certification Office (JCO) that allows unclassified military critical technical data to pass between the U.S. and Canada. Visit Public Services and Procurement Canada to apply for contractor certification in the Joint Certification Program.
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