The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

We are Canada’s government to government contracting agency. We help build successful commercial relationships between Canadian businesses and governments around the world through projects of public and national importance. We are also the official channel for Canadian companies selling to the U.S. DoD.

If you have are a Canadian business and have a sales opportunity with a foreign government buyer or you are a foreign government buyer looking to buy from Canada, let us help you. 

Learn why Canadian businesses win business with foreign contracts using CCC’s government to government (G2G) contracting model.

Selling to foreign governments can be a powerful way to grow your business. It can also be challenging, even for seasoned exporters, because government procurement has a more complex set of rules and influences than other kinds of deals. CCC’s government to government (G2G) contracting approach is designed to help Canadian exporters win and deliver on contracts with foreign governments.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider G2G for your business:

1)    You get access to key decision makers

Our regional and sector directors draw on their years of experience and extensive networks of contacts to connect your company with the right people in the markets you want to enter. That way you can be sure you’re talking to people with the authority to make purchases on behalf of their governments.


2)    You gain a competitive advantage

With G2G contracting, your offer stands out because it’s backed by the Government of Canada with unique guarantees of contract performance that covers the risk for the government buyer. That gives you an edge over other competitors. With their commercial risk mitigated, buyers can reduce or waive expensive bonding, lessening the overall proposal price and your costs. And lengthy, costly competitive procurement processes are sometimes not required as buyers can deal directly with CCC as the Government of Canada for products and services they need.


3)    Your risk is lower

Business, financial and political risks are all realities exporters have to face, especially when entering an unfamiliar international market. Government to government contracting through CCC minimizes those risks by helping you navigate complexity, mitigating the risks of corruption, non-payment and more, and protecting your deal with a Government of Canada partner on your team.


4)    Our deals meet high standards

CCC’s ethical standards help your offer stand out. Due diligence on your company and on the foreign government buyer provide a level of comfort for all parties to the deal. CCC is committed to ethical business practices and to human rights and environmental protection. You can be confident you are doing business according to principles recognized and accepted here in Canada and abroad.

5)    You gain credibility

We partner with Canadian exporters of all sizes, from large corporations with a global footprint to companies with niche solutions. If your product, service and business capabilities are a right fit for us, we become your partner and advocate, helping differentiate your offering and lending the credibility of the Government of Canada to your sales efforts.


Governments around the world turn to CCC every year to purchase more than $1 billion in products and expertise. Our solid brand is built on a long history of serving a wide range of markets and sectors — from defence to environmentally progressive infrastructure in the U.S., Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. We are recognized and respected for delivering consistently on the terms and conditions of our international contracts, reducing business and other risks and upholding international standards and laws.

To get CCC and the Government of Canada supporting your project or sales opportunity with a foreign government, contact us.

This post was last updated on May 10, 2022.

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