How G2G contracting works for Canadian businesses?

So how exactly does CCC work with exporters and government buyers abroad to negotiate and manage contracts that benefit all parties? One of the keys to our well-proven G2G contracting approach is applying commercial practices to a government process. 

Here are the typical steps and what’s involved for G2G contracts outside of the U.S. Department of Defense contracts:

Step 1: A project is defined and we gather information

We find out about opportunities lots of different ways. Sometimes it’s through outreach to foreign governments. Sometimes a trade commissioner will let us know about a foreign buyer with a product or service need. More often, exporters come to us because they’ve identified an opportunity themselves and want our help to win it. All we need is for the foreign buyer to confirm the lead is real and signal their interest in exploring a G2G approach.

There’s a lot to establish right off the top when the G2G process gets underway. We arrange a meeting between you and the buyer to talk through the full requirement, budget, procurement regulations and risks to mitigate, and to identify the decision-makers involved in the deal.

Step 2: We do the due diligence

We follow our proven due diligence process to assure ourselves that you have the experience, expertise, bench strength and financial resources to deliver on the contract. This includes confirming you have a proven technical solution as well as management and project teams in place to carry out the project without compromising your business operations. We also verify you have a balance sheet suitable for the size of the project, conduct due diligence on your company’s business ethics, and assess the buyer’s track record on human rights.

Step 3 and 4: We work with you to prepare a proposal and negotiate the contract

The technical and financial proposal is yours, but we make sure to identify risks and solutions to mange them — we want this to be a successful contract for your company. If your proposal is accepted, we will work with you as you draw up a contract for the foreign government (which we sign, as Prime Contractor), then set up a domestic contract with you to flow through our contractual responsibilities and rights.

Step 5: You deliver the goods or services

You work with the government buyer directly to deliver the goods and services, as per the terms of the contract agreement.  

Step 6: We manage or amend the contract as needed

We put a team in place to monitor performance and ensure contract obligations are being met. Sometimes contracts have to be amended, especially if the scope of the project changes. We will work with you to ensure you get the terms you need for success. We handle all financial administration including fund advances and payments from the buyer and we can also help navigate through differences of opinion to find solutions for contractual issues that may arise. 

Step 7: We close out the contract and look for new opportunities

When all contract terms and conditions have been met, we close the project. You and the buyer will complete evaluations, and if asked by the foreign government, CCC will participate in ceremonial events to celebrate the project’s successful completion. We are always proud to work with innovative Canadian companies and fly the flag over your international successes.

Winning contracts with foreign governments

Every year we help Canadian companies win millions in contracts with foreign governments. Download our guide to learn more about our approach, how we prepare you, and priority sectors.

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We are Canada’s government to government contracting agency. Using our international contracting expertise, we support Canada and Canadian businesses to build successful commercial relationships with governments around the world.

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This post was last updated on January 13, 2023.

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