CCC Releases 2019-2020 Annual Report: Growing and Diversifying Canadian Exports

Today, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) released its 2019-2020 Annual Report: Growing and Diversifying Canadian Exports. This was a challenging year for CCC as it dealt with a slowdown in the global economy, increased trade headwinds around the globe and general uncertainty, along with the impact of COVID-19 in Q4. Despite these challenges, it was still a year marked by many successes.

During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, CCC was active in 81 countries, helping 157 Canadian exporters, of which 40% were SMEs, to sign $1,25 billion dollars worth of contracts that supported over 13,000 jobs in Canada.


  • United States: Through the DPSA, Terragon Environmental Technologies was able to deploy its prototype waste and water management technology in the field with the U.S. DoD as a single, integrated system—a technology milestone for Terragon. This patented and innovative clean technology solution has broad industry applications and this contract provides the company with a unique opportunity to prove its technology and expand into other markets.
  • Bolivia: CCC and Coulson Aircrane Ltd. (Coulson) assisted the Government of Bolivia with its urgent firefighting efforts in Chiquitania, a region of tropical savannas close to the Bolivian Amazon rainforest. Coulson supplied a crew and three helicopters, including two Sikorsky S-61 helicopters and a custom Chinook CH-47D, to Bolivia to provide aerial firefighting capabilities. The facilitation of this transaction through CCC’s government-to-government contracting mechanism enabled Coulson to mitigate business risks, respond to an urgent environmental and humanitarian need and build on their existing business relationship with Bolivia.
  • Bermuda: CCC is supporting Bermuda through a $274 million USD redevelopment of the L.F Wade International Airport. In 2019–20 the project achieved several important construction milestones with expected completion in 2020. This world class facility will feature a new terminal incorporating the Bermuda “look and feel” along with state-of-the-art energy and water efficiency technologies.
  • Argentina: CCC supported the sale of a Viking Air Limited (Viking) DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft to the Government of Argentina. The contract includes pilot training in Canada, including flight simulation for Argentinian pilots. The Twin Otter, manufactured at Viking’s facilities in Sidney, British Columbia, and Calgary, Alberta, is a 19-passenger utility aircraft renowned for its reliably and versatility. The aircraft will be fitted with firefighting capabilities and other enhanced systems for multiple roles (such as firefighting, transportation, search and rescue, medical evacuations and other capabilities) will make this Argentina’s first truly multi-purpose aircraft.

Looking ahead, CCC will continue to deliver services and provide support that enables Canadian companies, particularly SMEs, to succeed both during this COVID period and into the future.

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