Ernie Briard

Vice-President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

In addition to his responsibilities as Vice-President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ernie Briard was also Interim President and CEO from august 4, 2020 to march 8, 2021. Since joining CCC in 2016, Mr. Briard has led the development and implementation of corporate policies, strategies, initiatives, and new technologies. Mr. Briard also brings with him a wealth of management experience and achievements that he acquired prior to his tenure at the CCC, having led financial teams in both the private and public sectors. Most recently, he led the Standards Council of Canada as the Vice-President, Corporate Services and CFO, where he was responsible for financial management, human resources, investment planning and business analytics, information management and information technology, corporate administration and contracting, translation and travel. Prior to that, Mr. Briard had a successful career with Nortel and as an independent consultant.

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