CCC Covers a World of Foreign Trade Contracting Opportunities

With agreements and expertise in numerous countries, CCC makes it easy for Canadian exporters to access a vast range of international sales and contracting opportunities. Whether you’re looking to export to the USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia, we can help you access your target foreign government procurement market.

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Our global expertise reduces procurement risk

Most nations’ procurement laws and regulations include exceptions to competitive procurement for urgent acquisitions and acquisitions for national security purposes. This allows for the use of government to government contracts, which avoid the extensive delays and up-front costs associated with an open call for proposals. We understand foreign procurement laws and regulations, and have signed memoranda of understanding with multiple countries worldwide to facilitate Canadian exporters’ access to these export opportunities. 

We often work with foreign governments that have experienced a failed competitive procurement process or where there is an expectation that public tendering may not result in a successful project. We also work with foreign governments that have sensitive or urgent acquisition needs as well as those that need support defining their project requirements, or in situations where the potential for risk and corruption necessitates a more collaborative, government to government contracting approach.

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